What Are Your Nerd Sacred Cows?

As usual, Jeff Lester writes something, I read it, am impressed, and want to link to it. So I have. It's about his nerd sacred cows. Beyond his amazing bovine metaphors, it's an interesting look at how these things evolve. I threw up a few in the comments section, but I'm thinking I may be one of the people missing the point (even if no one, at all, ever, will make me care about Hawkman. Unless Morrison writes him).

But my input is beyond the point. I want to know what yours are. Do you still have any, or have all of the retcons, reboots, changes in direction, and other upheavels in superhero comics killed any illusions you had that anything sticks? Also, is it possible to have indie sacred cows? I mean, it's not like Fantagraphics is going to retcon the end of The Death of Speedy or hand over the reigns of Acme Novelty Library to Chuck Austen and Greg Land, and we're never going to see someone besides their creators do Bone or Cerebus, so can you have any sacred cows beyond the capes and tights set?

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