What a Week for Batman Comics!

TWO Grant Morrison Batman comics in the same week, and they're both a blast! And Yanick Paquette, in particular, really knocked the artwork in Batman, Inc. out of the ballpark!

Just look at what we got this week in our two Morrison Batman titles (spoilers ahead!)

You get, in one week, the origin of Batman - through the viewpoint of the bat who crashed through the window!!!

You get, in one week, Morrison deftly using a Cousin Larry trick to not only point out how creepy tentacle monsters are but to then...use a tentacle monster!!!

You get, in one week, giant robot mice!!

Basically, though these two issues, you got fast-paced, action-packed comics filled to the brim with new, interesting ideas and new villains (and at least one new hero). It's a really good time to be a Batman fan!

This is not even touching on the other two Batman titles released this week! I have not read them yet, but if they were good, too, then things are even BETTER for Batman fans (even if they're not that good, the two Morrison Batman comics were good enough for this week to be a net plus for Bat-fans)!

Thank you, DC, for giving us cool comic books!

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