"What A Ride!" The "Suicide Squad" Trailer's 7 Magnificent Moments

The opening moments of the latest "Suicide Squad" trailer reveal just how the events of "Batman v Superman" reverberate throughout the rapidly expanding DC movie-verse, kicking off with government officials pondering a horrible hypothetical: if Superman wanted to murder the president, who could stop him? This new framework, which expands on what we saw in the trailers released before "BvS" hit theaters, adds more justification to Amanda Waller's (Viola Davis) decision to form a team of expendable super villains. And then the trailer kicks in, and the team gets to work.

While this trailer may not have "Bohemian Rhapsody," it does feature Grace's cover of the Lesley Gore classic "You Don't Own Me" and Sweet's raucous anthem "Ballroom Blitz." It also features more shots of the Squad in action, including Adam Beach's Slipknot and Karen Fukuhara's Katana, and even more close ties to the DC Extended Universe; yep, the Dark Knight himself makes an appearance!

Flirting With Suicide

Jai Courtney's Boomerang nearly stole the last trailer with his mid-melee beer guzzling, and this time around we see him trying to get way too close to Katana. We even see a flash of Boomerang's signature weapon before he gets up close and personal with Katana's. Judging by the look on Katana's face and an earlier scene indicating a relationship between her and Flag, odds are we won't be seeing much romance between these two in the film.

Hello Harley!

Harley Quinn is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in all of comics, so it makes sense that this trailer is packed full of Margot Robbie's psychotic jester. This is Harley's first live-action film, and this trailer indicates that she'll have plenty to do -- and plenty of zingers. Reports have indicated that "Suicide Squad" is undergoing reshoots to add humor, but director David Ayer has said that the additional filming is to add in more action. Either way, this trailer -- and the one before it -- prove that the film already has plenty of jokes and explosions.

"What A Ride!"

This trailer is punctuated with moments of levity that undercut the intense violence, like Harley's joyful exclamation after surviving a helicopter crash. We follow that up with -- you guessed it -- action-packed shots of the Squad getting down to business as Boomerang and Deadshot (Will Smith) pull out weapons by the fistful and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) shows off his incredible strength.

Harley In Action

Not only can Harley crack a joke, it also looks like she'll be able to crack necks in a similar fashion to Marvel's Black Widow. In the trailer, we see Harley Quinn wrapped around the neck of a monstrous goon, firing off a shot from her handgun while she's at it. Harley may be the character with the most laugh lines in this trailer, but she also knows her way around a fight and is just as intense as even her most stoic teammates.

Gotham's Trio

While this movie is unquestionably a Task Force X movie, parts of this trailer show off what a sollo Batman film in the new DC film universe could look like. We get a quick series of shots focusing on Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman -- yes, Batman -- as the three engage in shouting, driving, falling and diving. The trailer also makes it look like Batman's diving after Harley Quinn, but closer inspection reveals that they're from two separate scenes. Still, isn't that Harley's body that Batman's carrying towards the Batmobile? What's going on?!

Deadshot vs. El Diablo

Since this team is made up of hotheaded criminals, it's no wonder that tempers will flare up between them every now and then. Unlike a lot of his teammates who rely on proficiency with weapons or hand-to-hand combat, El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) can do something truly uncommon: summon flames. Deadshot and El Diablo get into it -- and then a line gets crossed. "I was just trying to get you there," says Deadshot, fear in his eyes as he hopes that things are all good between him and his fiery teammate.


The trailer closes not on action, but on a scene of camaraderie amongst the unlikely teammates as Harley plays makeshift bartender to the group. Croc wants a beer, Katana orders whiskey, Deadshot complains about the size of his drink -- and then El Diablo orders the one drink any pyrokinetic should order: water.

"Suicide Squad" opens on August 5.

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