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WGA Strike Watch: Walk The Line

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WGA Strike Watch: Walk The Line

On the morning of Friday, November 9th, hordes of writers and supporters of the Writers Guild of America converged on the main gate of Fox Studios at Motor and Pico in west Los Angeles to make their case for the press and the world.

Despite the serious reasons for the gathering, the mood was fairly relaxed and festive as people networked and commiserated, with bagels and coffee provided by the William Morris Agency. The fact that this is still fairly early in the strike may account for the pleasantness, as well as the fact that early clouds disappeared and the weather was comfortable and mild.

CBR had a chance to speak to strike captain Cliff Green, who was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

CBR: How do you feel the strike rally turned out today?

Cliff Green: Fabulous. Beyond expectations.

CBR: In what ways?

Cliff Green: Numbers, and enthusiasm.

CBR: There’s been a heavy police presence here, watching as streets got shut down. Have there been any problems?

Cliff Green: No, because the police are also union members, and they know what we’re fighting for. I’m stationed every day out at Disney and the Burbank Police came up to me two days before we went and set up the picket and said, “You have any trouble with Disney, call us immediately. If security tries to strongarm you, call us immediately. We are union guys, and we always look favorably on any labor action.” I was very very pleased, and they’ve been wonderful.

CBR: Has there been any word from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers?

Cliff Green: Nothing at all, not word one, not action one, nothing. They’re back in their shells. I think, looking for some leadership among themselves … and they’re not finding it.

CBR: What do you make of rumors that the Directors Guild of America will come in later this month as a “voice of reason” in the negotiations?

Cliff Green: I think that the producers will try to use the directors to strike a deal, but we don’t have to take it. It’s like they don’t understand. What always worked in the past, the “most favored nations” clause, you can’t get less than one of the other creative guilds gets. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for more. The way it’s always worked in town is that the DGA makes a deal, and the writers feel like “well, I guess we have to fold and do it.” We don’t have to and we won’t, it’s as simple as that.

CBR also took the time to take some photos at the rally, including celebrities in support and WGA members on strike.

“The Last Christmas” co-writer Brian Posehn (rocking the G0dland t-shirt) “Soul Food” and “New Jack City” actress Vanessa A. Williams “Dexter” and “Chuck” actor C.S. Lee

“The Office” actor-writer Ed Helms “Army Wives” actor Brian McNamara Why was Rentalman from Westside Rentals there?

A shot of the crowd How many are we? We are legion … The two most prevalent strike signs

Some of the strikers shared music to entertain The police are union members too CBR’s own Emmett Furey even hit the picket lines

CBR’s Hannibal Tabu was on site to bring back the news … and donuts!


WGA Strike: How will it affect Comics?

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