<i>Wetworks</i> returns in September

Wildstorm announced yesterday on their blog that Wetworks will return in September as a one-shot called Wetworks: Mutations #1.

The book is co-written by Kevin Grevioux and Christopher Long, with art by Julius Gopez and a cover (above) by Brandon Badeaux. Grevioux wrote, produced and starred in the Underworld films, in addition to writing New Warriors and Legend of the Blue Marvel for Marvel Comics. Gopez, meanwhile, worked on the Dragonlance books from Devil's Due.

Here's the solicitation info:

Roaming the post-Apocalyptic American landscape, it’s Wetworks like you’ve never seen them before. With their symbiotes no longer reliably functioning, the team finds themselves running up against Lord Defile, intent upon remaking the ruined Earth in his own vision, which includes experimenting on human prisoners to create a hybrid species! Writer, actor and co-creator of the Underworld movie franchise Kevin Grevioux and co-writer Christopher Long bring their unique take to this classic WildStorm franchise, with incredibly detailed art by newcomer Julius Gopez.

And if I'm not mistaken, Wildstorm posted a teaser for the book in the form of a page of art back in February.

Wetworks was created by Whilce Portacio and was intended to be one of Image Comics' launch titles back in the early 1990s, before Portacio had to withdraw from the company. It was eventually published by Image under the Wildstorm banner.

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