Westworld Season 2 Reveals A Third Park, And It's Not One We Knew About


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for this week's episode of Westworld, "Virtu e Fortuna," which premiered Sunday on HBO.

Westworld is only three episodes into its second season, and it's already trying to reach past the high bar it set for itself with the non-stop puzzles and twists of Season 1. "Virtu e Fortuna" just gave fans an enticing reveal sure to have them talking. We knew the murderous theme park Westworld was one of six owned by DELOS, and a glimpse at samurai warriors in the Season 1 finale assured viewers we'd eventually be taken to Shogun World. But Episode 3's cold open leaped straight into another park, a sort of British Raj World, replicating the period when Britain controlled India.

The episode opens at a garden party in what looks like a Rudyard Kipling story. Everyone wears fashion from the '20s, and one of Westworld's best musical covers yet, a sitar version of The White Stripe's "Seven Nation Army" plays. A man, supposedly human, flirts with a woman at a table, asking why she's so far on the outskirts of the park where it's, apparently, a bit more dangerous.

The two end up back in her room, where she is suddenly wary the park might program a host to pretend to be human to appeal to her. She makes the man prove his humanity by shooting him in the chest. He passes the test, but it should be noted she never takes the test herself. Still, it seems likely she's human, as the two set out for a jungle hunt the next day only to find the hosts at their camp are missing. They stumble onto a tent full of dead humans just as a host opens fire on them.

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The hosts of this new park appear to have become just as enlightened and homicidal as their Westworld counterparts. The woman escapes, but is pursued by a Bengal tiger (as seen in the season premiere) and runs past the park's borders. The tiger pursues, and she shoots it just as they both go careening into the sea that apparently divides the two parks. The tiger will be found on the distant shore a few weeks later by Bernard and other DELOS employees.

Counting Westworld and Shogun World — confirmed to exist by series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and glimpsed in teasers — there are four other parks known to be a part of DELOS' extensive attractions. Fans have surmised that likely other parks would derive from the original two films. That gives us Medieval World, Roman World and Futureworld as other possibilities.

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