Westworld Will Reportedly Return for a Third Season

HBO's Westworld may have already earned itself a third season.

Ahead of the Westworld Season 2 premiere this Sunday, Evan Rachel Wood -- who plays Dolores on the show -- discussed how she wasn't getting the same amount of pay as that of her male costars Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris and how that will be rectified for Season 3.

"I think I’m just now to the point where I’m getting paid the same as my male co-stars," Wood told TheWrap. She noted it was the first time that had ever happened to her. "I was like, ‘I have never been paid the same as my male counterparts … Never, never.'"

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Following Big Little Lies star Reese Witherspoon's campaign for gender parity and the TimesUp movement, HBO has been making an effort to "correct" its pay gaps. Though Wood is receiving equal pay as of Westworld Season 3, it's unclear if fellow costars Thandie Newton or Tessa Thompson, for example, will get it as well.

Though Wood said that she will receive pay equal to her male peers in Westworld Season 3, HBO has not yet officially renewed the series. However, per Wood's comments, it seems likely.

Premiering this Sunday, April 22 on HBO, Westworld stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Rinko Kikuchi, Jimmi Simpson, Luke Hemsworth, Rodrigo Santoro, Anthony Hopkins, and Ed Harris.

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