Westworld: What to Know Before Jumping Into Season 2

westworld season 2

Returning Sunday for its second season, HBO's Westworld is a sci-fi Western thriller about a technologically advanced amusement park populated by semi-self-aware androids and packed with philosophical, theological, technological and phantasmagorical mysteries and revelations. That means, of course, unless you go back and re-watch Season 1, you probably don't remember all the twists, turns and reveals of the finale and, like most of us, are wondering what it all means.

Whether you didn't have time to puzzle over the first season again, don't trust yourself to have caught everything or you know you can't trust the showrunners to give you any Season 2 hints (because #SpoilerCulture), here's a handy round-up of things to keep in mind ahead of the premiere on Sunday.

Where Everyone Is

There are plenty of Easter eggs you may want to remind yourself of before beginning Season 2, but mostly it's important to recall where the main characters ended up, and what they do or do not understand about themselves as humans or hosts (that is, androids). Here's where each character left off:

Bernard Lowe: One of Season 1's biggest twists comes in Episode 7, "Trompe L’Oeil," when Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) reveals to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), a behavioral specialist for the park, that he is actually one of the androids he helps to maintain. Ford has been using Bernard to carry out his dirty work and then erasing his memory. At the end of the season, he's fully aware of everything and starts to see that Ford may have had a redemptive plan after all. He will likely play a crucial moderator in Season 2 as a host whom most people think is human.

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Dolores and Teddy: Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) as we discover in the finale's biggest reveal, is now all kinds of woke. Last seen shooting at a crowd of unsuspecting park board members, Dolores shot Dr. Ford in the head and whispered a few words into Teddy's (James Marsden) ear to get him to remember what they've been through.

Maeve: After letting her gang (Hector and Armistice) loose on the labs and corporate offices of Westworld, Maeve (Thandie Newton) was going to take the next train out to see what there is in the real world. She gets off at the last second, although it's not clear whether that's because she realizes her programming to "escape" may have more to do with why she wants to flee, or that her newly returned memories of her daughter have compelled her to find her.

The Man in Black, aka William: After a fight with Dolores when she wouldn't explain what or where the "center of the maze," during which she realizes he's the older version of the young man she once loved and believed to be good, Old Man Billy (Ed Harris) mosies over to the board party for a few drinks. After all, he owns the park. When the hosts wake up and open fire on the board members, William looks positively elated to have his wish: hosts who fight back.

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