Weston knows as much as you do about the future of The Twelve

If you read Comic Book Resource's interview last week with J. Michael Straczynski then you're as up to date as artist Chris Weston is about the status of the unfinished Marvel miniseries The Twelve.

"I'll just leave you with everything I know on the subject of the book's future," Weston writes on his blog. "'It's going to be finished come hell or high water.' So says JMS in a Comic Book Resources interview. Think I've found my T-Shirt slogan for this year's San Diego Con."

The 12-issue miniseries centering on obscure Marvel heroes from the 1940s debuted in January 2008. The most recent issue, No. 8, shipped in October 2008, with Issue 9 solicited and then canceled.

Responding in January 2009 to a fan's question about the whereabouts of The Twelve, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada said the miniseries "has momentarily become a casualty of the success of its creative team."

"First JMS became one of the most sought after writers in Hollywood following the release and success of the film he wrote, Changeling," Quesada continued. "
Then, Chris Weston signed on to do conceptual art and storyboarding for a completely separate film project at around the same time! So for the moment, while they stick pick away at it, The Twelve is on hold until such time as Joe and Chris free up from their incredibly hectic schedules."

It was revealed last week that Straczynski will end his award-winning run on Marvel's Thor in September, in large part because of a planned crossover event that would envelope the series. He stressed to CBR that "future projects for Marvel will probably be mini- and maxi-series where all of the scripts are written and being drawn before the book is even solicited."

However, those will come after he finishes The Twelve.

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