"Western Tales of Terror" #1 & 2 Still Aailable For Reorder

Official Press Release

It has been brought to our attention that many retailers have tried to

reorder the first two issues of indie buzz book Western Tales of

Terror, and found that the books are back-ordered or seemingly

unavailable through Diamond Comics Distributor.

While the books are sold out at the distributor level, we have been

filling re-orders on a weekly basis. We encourage retailers to please

put their orders through, and "back order with confidence" as those

orders absolutely will be filled. Barring that, the books are also

readily available from both FM International and Cold Cut

The third issue of Western Tales of Terror will be in stores March

9th, which features the conclusion to our first multi-part story

"Phineas' Gold", as well as stories by Jay Faerber, Ryan Ottley, James

Francis, Greg Thompson, and more. The book has been described by

thefourtrail.com as a book that "should go on every indy-buying fan's

wish list." Now is the perfect opportunity to check backstock of the

earlier issues, to ensure that you can accommodate new fans of the


We want to thank our retailing partners for bringing the problem with

reordering to our attention, and reiterate to any other retailers

who've had problems that we are more than happy to help find a

solution to any of your Hoarse and Buggy Productions needs. We can be

reached via e-mail at josh@hoarseandbuggy.com


WToT Issue 1 is: SEPT042752

WToT Issue 2 is: NOV042745

WToT Issue 3 is: JAN052812

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