WestBow Signs Realbuzz To Multi-Year Manga Deal

Official Press Release

(NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE)  Thomas Nelson Incorporated and Realbuzz Studios would like to announce an exclusive multi-year contract to release a minimum of 26 manga titles, immediately making Thomas Nelson the market leader of faith-based manga content.  Ten manga novels will release in 2007 within the Serenity and Goofyfoot Gurl series.

Realbuzz Studios created the Christian/Inspirational manga category in 2005 with their best-selling teen series, Serenity, a break-out hit in the manga community outselling two-thirds of the titles on the mainstream manga and graphic novel best-seller lists.  Previously published by Barbour, Thomas Nelson will simultaneously re-launch the first six Serenity graphic novels in April 2007 and will continue the series with four new Serenity volumes in 2008.

Serenity is "a clean, inspiring teen-aged Christian comic done in a hip, contemporary way," says StanLee, co-creator of Spider-man, X-Men, The Hulk, and The Fantastic Four. Acclaimed Young Adult author Melody Carlsonpraises Serenity's "action-filled art" and "realistic text" for creating "afast-paced read."  

Goofyfoot Gurl, praised as "insanely unique" by Manga Punk, asecular review site for graphic novels, will make its debut splash in September 2007 with the simultaneous publication of the first fourvolumes.


Manga, a form of graphic novels imported from Japan, is one of the fastest growing fiction categories among tween and teen girlreaders in North America.  Manga enjoyed over $300 million in sales in 2005 and has seen steady double digit growth for the last fiveyears.

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"Teen girls are notoriously underserved by the Americancomic book and graphic novel industry," explains Allen Arnold, Publisher for WestBow Press, "Realbuzz Studios is on the cutting edge ofchanging that trend with their award-winning, original English language manga with content that is real, relevant, and from a Christianworldview."

Faith-based entertainment company Good News Holdings in Sherman Oaks, California is working with both Thomas Nelson andRealbuzz Studios to promote across multiple platforms Serenity and Goofyfoot Gurl. "This isan important moment in the faith-based teen space," says Thom Black, co-founder of Good News Holdings.  "We see this as a wonderful opportunityto coordinate the strengths of Thomas Nelson and Realbuzz into creating popular manga entertainment that is both emotionally satisfying andspiritually uplifting and that translates into the mobile and internet worlds." 


Realbuzz Studios is based in Los Angeles,California and has been acclaimed as an innovative media content company, developing and creating original stories, art, and media under the guidanceof co-founders Buzz Dixon and Marlon Schulman. 



Available May 14, 2007

WestBow Press

96Pages, 5 1/2x8, Juvenile Fiction/Comics & Graphic Novels/General 

1. Bad Girl in Town, ISBN 978-1-59554-383-7

2. Stepping Out, ISBN 978-1-59554-384-4

3. Basket Case, ISBN 978-1-59554-385-1

4. Rave-n-Rant, ISBN 978-1-59554-386-8

5. Snow Biz, ISBN 978-1-59554-387-5

6. You Shall Love, ISBN 978-1-59554-388-2


Goofyfoot Gurl 1-4

Available September11, 2007

WestBow Press

Trade Paper,$10.99

96Pages, 5x7, Juvenile Fiction/Comics & Graphic Novels/General 

1. Let There Be Lighten Up!, ISBN 978-1-59554-389-9

2. When Dolphins Fly, ISBN 978-1-59554-390-5

3. Come and Play!, ISBN 978-1-59554-391-2

4. Out of the Soup, ISBN 978-1-59554-392-9



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