When Wonder Man Fought Arnold Schwarzenegger!

This is "My Name It is Nothin'," a look at when comic books guest star celebrities, but their names are changed so as to avoid any legal problems. Today, based on a suggestion by reader Riccardo N., we look at Isaac Asimov in a way that you have never seen him before - as a muck monster fighting Superman!

Today, based on reader Steve R. (who writes in with a lot of great suggestions), we take a look at Wonder Man's Hollywood journey with Arnold Schwarzenegger...or should we say, Arnold Schwartzburger?

One of the early plotlines in West Coast Avengers, the ongoing series, by Steve Englehart, AL Milgrom and Joe Sinnott, was that Wonder Man had to decide whether he wanted to come clean about his past or would he keep quiet in fear that it might interfere with his burgeoning career as an actor. At the time, Simon Williams was mostly just getting stunt man work but he wanted to move into acting roles, as well. He finally decided that he had to be true to himself so he admitted on national television in an interview with Johnny Carson (just Johnny Carson, so no fake name) that he was actually responsible for the crimes that he had been arrested for years earlier. The public had eventually blamed his brother, but Simon was now taking the blame.

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He awaited the response from the public for the next issue and in West Coast Avengers #6 (with Kyle Baker doing pencils and inks over Milgrom layouts), we learned the answer...the public loved him!

He was even asked to come in to talk about appearing in a major motion picture!

He gets to the studio and meets Dino De Laurentiis (instead of coming up with a fake name for the character, they just call him simply "Dino" throughout this plot), who is still lamenting the relative failure of his production of King Kong from a decade earlier. He is then attacked by a costumed warrior...

After quickly defeating him, he realizes that the warrior was known other than Arnold Schwartzburger (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and so this means that the film that he is being a part of is the next movie in the Arkon film franchise!

Arkon, of course, is the Conan-like being from another dimension who tangled with the Avengers a few times but ultimately became their ally. This is a reference to the Conan films that were the first big hits of Schwarzenegger's career.

Soon, in the next issue (back to Milgrom/Sinnott art), we see the filming in action...

And see that Wonder Man's casting also allows them to save on stunt men...

In West Coast Avengers #11, we see that Simon is allowing his ionic eyes, which he typically covers with goggles, to be shown on camera...

Tigra, though, is jealous...

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