Marvel's Newest Avenger Could Turn Out to Be the Most Powerful

The Marvel Universe is full of all kinds of rare, bizarre materials that defy the laws of physics. That includes everything from Adamantium, the nigh unbreakable material fused to the bones of characters like Wolverine and X-23, to Uru, a magical metal used by the Asgardians to forge weapons of great, terrible, cosmic power. Perhaps the most famous fictional material of them all, though, is Vibranium, which was used to forge Captain America's iconic shield. You've got to drop a series chunk of change to acquire even a sliver of Vibranium. Unless, of course, you don't.

It's a given at this point that the Marvel Universe is occupied by people with extraordinary talents, whether that be the result of mutations, freak accidents or alien origins. One of those people is Johnny Watts, the newest Avenger on the block who recently devoted himself to reassembling the West Coast Avengers alongside his girlfriend, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye. You might know Johnny better by his superhero moniker, Fuse, but you also might not. Johnny's still new to the whole hero thing, so he doesn't enjoy much in the way of name recognition just yet. That might be about to change, though, due to a recent display of his powers that has everything to do with Vibranium.

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See, Fuse can turn his body into any material he touches. Sometimes, that's a great power to have, though it comes with its own complications, as seen in West Coast Avengers #2 when Johnny is careening towards the ocean while mimicking the physical properties of a sack of bricks. In West Coast Avengers #3, however, Fuse's powers turn out to be just what the team needs, as it's revealed that those piercings he's wearing aren't just for show. Rather, they're made of Vibranium, allowing Fuse to adopt the properties of the material whenever he's wearing them.

The importance of this development cannot be understated. Consider, for example, that Captain America, a mainstay of the Avengers and one of the most important, effective Marvel heroes ever created, has saved the world countless times over with little more than a shield made of the material. Heroes like Black Panther might have a suit made of Vibranium, but he's not physically comprised of the stuff like Fuse is when he transforms. For all intents and purposes, the West Coast Avengers might have just discovered the most powerful character to ever grace the superhero organization.

Aside from the fact that Fuse's Vibranium body effectively renders him invulnerable, there are some other potential benefits to this application of his power that could prove useful… or wildly detrimental. That's because Vibranium isn't just a metal. There is more than one variation of the metal, but even its standard Wakandan version has some properties that aren't wholly earthly. For instance, Vibranium can be used to harness vast mystical energies when the right tools are applied. With a little dash of science and a dollop of mysticism, Vibranium can be used to amplify mystical energies exponentially, a fact that was not lost on Doctor Doom when he invaded Wakanda in Doomwar #1 in search of the nation's vast Vibranium vault.

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