Wes Craven and Steve Niles Team For Movie/Comics Project

Although he's been at it for 40 years, Wes Craven is still one of the best horror directors around. Steve Niles, co-creator of 30 Days of Night, is gaining a similar reputation in horror comics. So, the pair teaming up for a project called Coming of Rage is a pretty big deal for horror fans.

According to Deadline, Craven came up with the story, with Niles writing a five-issue miniseries based on the idea, to be published in 2013 by Liquid Comics. Live Free or Die Hard producer Arnold Rifkin and Liquid CEO Sharad Devarajan are also developing the project for film, as you would expect from anything involving Craven.

If the film version of Coming of Rage does move forward and Craven directs, it will be the director's first movie since Scream 4 in 2011.

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