Wes Anderson Firms Up <i>Moonrise Kingdom</i> Cast ... We Think

Wes Anderson is due for a new movie, and it seems now that the cast is firming up. Late last year it was reported that Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton were all in talks to join his next one, Moonrise Kingdom, but the story ended there. Now there's word from a Rhode Island casting agency (via /Film) that those names are confirmed along with another one, Anderson regular Jason Schwartzman. Shooting is apparently set to kick off this spring in locations all around Rhode Island, according to The Examiner.

Deadline first reported last year's casting news along with a synopsis, which you can read right here:

[The film] is set in the '60s. Two young adults fall in love and run away. Leaders in their New England town are sticking the idea that they’ve disappeared and go in search of them. Norton will play a scout leader who brings his charges on a search. Willis is in talks to play the town sheriff who’s also looking, and who is having an affair with the missing girl’s mother, the role McDormand is in talks to play. Murray, a regular in Anderson films, will play the girl’s father, who has his own issues.

I think Darjeeling Limited may have been Anderson's weakest film overall, but his work on Fantastic Mr. Fox was outstanding. Can't wait to see how he corrals this set of personalities into one movie. Do you think he'll get the same sort of grief from Willis that the actor reportedly gave Kevin Smith on the set of Cop Out?

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