Wes Anderson discusses possible <i>Fantastic Mr. Fox</i> spin-off comic

I've been hearing a lot of good things about Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox, the animated movie about fox and his family fighting evil farmers. I haven't seen it yet, but apparently there's a comic called WhiteCape in one of the scenes that Anderson is considering turning into a real comic.

"I had an idea for this costume for this character and it included him wearing this cape," Anderson told MTV. "He's trying to somehow be heroic, to insist that he's a hero. Then I wanted to give him something to read — what's he reading? With a movie like this, you can't just find a book, you've got to make it because it's going to be [tiny]. So usually we would take time and say, 'What can we think of to go here?' There's a lot of opportunity to invent something. And we said, 'Let's say that's where he got the cape.' "

Christian DeVita, the storyboard artist for the film, also talked about the comic to Drawn.

"Also there may be a comic book in the works based on WhiteCape, the superhero that Fantastic Mr. Fox’s son Ash reads throughout the movie," DeViat said. "It was created by Wes and myself and we’ve been talking for a while about doing something with it, but he’s a busy man so it may be a while. Hopefully if we produce it it would be written by Wes and drawn by myself… Who knows, maybe we could even make it into a spin-off 2D animated TV series!"

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