We're not lying: You'll want a 3D-printed sculpture of Lying Cat

What if I told you that you could get a sculpture of Saga's Lying Cat? No, not "Lying."

Mike Bauerlein recently shared online the details of a 3D modeling commission he undertook of the fan-favorite character from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' hit series. Using ZBrush and reference pulled from the comic, Bauerlein captured the details of Lying Cat while staying true to Staples' art.

"Since I knew the piece was meant for 3D printing, I didn't go through the typical process of creating a base mesh or even UV mapping, and instead created everything from within ZBrush," Bauerlein explained. "Starting with a ZSphere armature, I created as much as possible of the initial character proportions using Dynamesh, and then converted it into a Polymesh. From the character mesh, I extracted the armor, and created the pendant with separate Polyspheres."

In layman's terms, he spent a good amount of time on this. The person who commissioned Bauerlein's work hasn't come forward with a look at a 3D-printed version of this, but if one does come online we'll share it here.

Here's a video Bauerlein did giving a better look at his work:

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