Went to Tell Everybody - La Mano del Destino

In this feature, I ask comic creators that I like a lot to recommend a great comic that they'd like to see spotlighted. They pick the comic and then I write a review of the comic (of course, this runs the risk of them picking a comic that I don't like, but there's so many great comics out there to pick from that I find it hard to believe that that will ever actually happen).

I was doing this as a weekly feature earlier this year, but I didn't think it was getting enough attention, so I figured I would instead do it every day this month, make it a bit of a thing. Draw some attention to these great books being recommended!

Today's creator is David F. Walker, longtime filmmaker and film expert, who has also done a number of comic books over the years, including most recently his excellent work on Shaft for Dynamite and Cyborg for DC Comics. He was just announced as the new writer for the upcoming Power Man and Iron Fist relaunch for Marvel, as well. David's choice is La Mano del Destino by J. Gonzo.

Longtime followers of The Line it is Drawn might recall J. Gonzo from his stint on the Line a few years back, right about the time that he launched La Mano del Destino. So if you remember him from that, you already know how great he is.

The concept of the book is that a former champion luchadore is betrayed and defeated and disgraced. He makes a Faustian bargain to get revenge on the man who ruined his life. He takes on a new name and must then begin to defeat each of the luchadores that work for the villainous Jefe before he can finally take on Jefe himself.

Gonzo's artwork is spectacular, as the action is so kinetic that it threatens to leap off of the page of the comic.

Here is a sample, from where La Mano del Destino meets some men who will help him train...

That's some amazing work, right?

That is just the sort of over-the-top brilliance that Gonzo brings to each and every issue of La Mano del Destino.

You can read the first three issues in the series here. And you can buy the fourth issue here.

Thanks for the recommendation, David!

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