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Went to Tell Everybody – Hourman

by  in Comic News Comment
Went to Tell Everybody – Hourman

In this feature, I ask comic creators that I like a lot to recommend a great comic that they’d like to see spotlighted. They pick the comic and then I write a review of the comic (of course, this runs the risk of them picking a comic that I don’t like, but there’s so many great comics out there to pick from that I find it hard to believe that that will ever actually happen).

I was doing this as a weekly feature earlier this year, but I didn’t think it was getting enough attention, so I figured I would instead do it every day this month, make it a bit of a thing. Draw some attention to these great books being recommended!

Today’s creator is Mark Waid. You folks all know Mark Waid. The guy’s written all the major characters, Justice League, Avengers, Superman, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Captain America, Flash, Kingdom Come, Daredevil and is about to be the writer on All-New, All-Different Avengers for Marvel. He is also currently writing Insufferable and Empire for Thrillbent, Fox and Archie for Archie Comics and Strange Fruit for Boom! Mark’s choice is Tom Peyer, Rags Morales and Dave Meikis’ Hourman series (edited by Tony Bedard).

Hourman was introduced during Grant Morrison’s JLA as an android superhero from the future. During the DC One Million crossover, he almost found himself betraying the Justice League (indirectly). This led to his own ongoing series. The series opens with the League introducing him to a “normal” human to help Hourman find a little humanity…

That human is former Justice Leaguer Snapper Carr. “A little humanity” could possibly be the subtitle of this series, as that is what the whole series explores in great detail, as Hourman befriends Snapper, Snapper’s ex-wife, Bethany, and the other wacky residents of the small town. Along the way, Hourman helps Snapper, as well, deal with HIS past, like the time that he, you know, betrayed the Justice League…

In the second issue, Hourman brought back Tomorrow Woman temporarily in some touching character work…

Probably my favorite sequence in the entire series, and just perfectly captured the style and heart of the series, is this moment from Hourman #8, where Snapper saves the gang from a demon by teaching the demon a bit about humanity…through the power of cheesecake…

That’s both hilarious AND adorable.

Rags Morales and Dave Meikis did an excellent job on the series, as Peyer did a tough mixture of character work (which puts a lot of reliance on the artist to convey some nuanced emotions) and wacky, out-there ideas (which requires the artist to come up with interesting designs for bizarre situations).

It is remarkable that we really got 25 issues of this awesomely odd comic book. Go to back issue boxes and dig out this hidden gem from 1999-2001!

Thanks for the recommendation, Mark!

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