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In this feature, I ask comic creators that I like a lot to recommend a great comic that they like a lot that they'd like to see spotlighted. Here are the comic creators who have given their recommendations so far...

1. Jeff Lemire recommends Swallow Me Whole2. Jackson Guice recommends This One Summer3. Cullen Bunn recommends At the Mountains of Madness4. Jay Faerber recommends Bob Harras, Steve Epting and Tom Palmer's Avengers5. Russell Dauterman recommends The Fifth Beatle6. Joelle Jones recommends Blacksad7. Skottie Young recommends Skadi8. David Lopez recommends Henshin

The first eight were weekly columns and then the next 31 appeared all throughout October 2015...

9. Mark Waid recommends Hourman10. Peter Krause recommends Bob Haney and Nick Cardy's Teen Titans11. N. Steven Harris recommends Nowhere Man12. Sonny Liew recommends The Master of Gensenkan Inn13. Mike Dawson recommends Nod Away14. Geoffrey Thorne recommends Concrete Park15. John Paul Leon recommends The Property16. Annie Wu recommends Tales Designed to Thrizzle Volume 117. Brandon Thomas recommends Postal18. Shannon Eric Denton recommends Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds19. Riley Rossmo recommends The Winter Men20. Emanuela Lupacchino recommends Zombillenium21. David F. Walker recommends La Mano del Destino22. Gerry Duggan recommends I Hate Fairyland23. R. Sikoryak recommends Here24. Goran Sudzuka recommends Honour Among Punks25. Paige Braddock recommends Meaty Yogurt26. Dan Panosian recommends Incognito27. Stephanie Hans recommends Roxanna and the Quest for the Time-Bird (and a bunch of other comics)28. Jae Lee recommends Rodd Racer29. Marc Guggenheim recommends Mike Baron's Flash run. 30. Alex Robinson recommends Megahex31. Colleen Doran recommends Rachel Rising32. Larry Hama recommends A Sailor's Story33. Fred Van Lente recommends The Arab of the Future34. Al Ewing recommends Nemesis the Warlock35. Sanford Greene recommends The Divine36. Mike Deodato Jr. recommends The United States of Murder Inc.37. Kelly Sue DeConnick recommends Princeless38. Jenny Frison recommends Love Volume 1: The Tiger39. Dustin Nguyen recommends The Upturned Stone

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