Want to Tell Somebody About Your Indie Comic Book?

Back in 2015, I did a feature called "Went to Tell Everybody," where I asked creators that I liked to recommend a comic book by a different creator. They recommended a lot of great works (in the very first one, Jeff Lemire recommended Nate Powell's Swallow Me Whole - so I used that for the featured image for this piece because I had to have SOMEthing as the featured image, ya know?).

I was just thinking, though, that it would be interesting to do a riff on that concept, but this time have the people themselves submit their work and then I'd be the one who would, in effect be the one who "Went to Tell Everybody."

So here's the deal. Once a week, I'll do a "Went to Tell Everybody" edition where I spotlight a cool independent comic book that the creator of the comic book sent in to me for a spotlight. It won't be one of those things where the one I like the best will necessarily be first, it will be more a matter of just however I feel like doing it (and people can continue to send in comics throughout the year), so don't feel bad if your book isn't spotlighted right away. That said, there's no promise that you WILL be spotlighted. I'll be frank, if I just don't like your comic book, then I probably won't end up spotlighting it. But I like a whole lot of comic books. I've done numerous month-long spotlights over the years on all sorts of comic books with all sorts of themes (we've done indie months, female creator months, LGBTQ months, African-American months), I'm all about spotlighting interesting and diverse voices. What I like about this format is that it won't be just one month, it will be year-round. So I like your chances in general, but I'm also not promising anything, ya know?

Here's all you have to send to me at brianc@cbr.com to have a shot at being spotlighted.

1. A nice sized JPG of the cover of your independent comic book, so that I could show it and use it as a display piece for the article. Don't go nuts with size, though. Just something big enough that it could be seen easily (so not tiny images).

2. Answers to the following five questions:

1. What is your comic about?

2. What made you choose to use the comic book medium for this story?

3. What aspect of your comic are you most proud of?

4. What's the one piece of philosophy and/or advice that has informed your comic book work the most?

5. Since this is "Went to Tell Everybody," tell everybody about another current comic book series that you would like other people to know more about.

If you'd like to add in a question or two of your own, feel free. This is your space, ya know?

3. At least three preview pages (also preferably in JPG format) so that I can have something to show the audience in the piece. In the past, I've had to, like, take screen shots of PDFs and that's a pain to do. Also, this way I don't have to worry about sharing something that you'd prefer to be a secret. You get to be the one who picks the pages. You can share more than three, but at least three.

4. If you only have a webcomic, no worries, you're still eligible. Simply provide some sort of image that I can use as a display image that would be like a comic book cover (preferably in color), images of a couple of sample pages (this can be in the form of a link to the respective pages on your site).

I'd prefer the subject heading of the e-mail to be Went to Tell Somebody and then the name of what you're sending me, but that's just to make it easier for me to correlate the e-mails (I get so many e-mails during any given day at my CBR account, so this way I will make sure to get to see your e-mail and don't accidentally delete it thinking it is spam).

Okay, that's all! So start sending those e-mails now! That's brianc@cbr.com!

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