Wendy's Twitter Settles the Marvel vs. DC Debate

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Fast food giant Wendy's knows what side it's taking in the great Marvel vs. DC debate. When it comes down to the Big Two, Wendy's sides with Marvel.

In response to the question, posed by prolific comic writer Gail Simone, Wendy's simply responded "Marvel," much to the "shock" of some followers.

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When later asked about its favorite Marvel runs, Wendy's listed Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, Tom King's The Vision and the original Civil War, while also praising the artwork of former Uncanny X-Men artist Joe Madureira and expressing fondness for the X-Men and Black Panther.

However, earlier in the discussion, Wendy's pointed out it was merely stating a preference and that all comics were cool. The corporate Twitter account mentioned a love for Batman: Hush and Booster Gold later on, showing it isn't just limited to one company. It also had some discussions with followers about Marvel stories.

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Whether fans prefer DC or Marvel, comics are for everyone, and fans can still have debates about the two companies without resorting to insults and disrespectful comments. As Wendy's said, even if readers have a specific preference, they can still like stories and characters from other companies, thereby not limiting themselves to one specific fictional universe.

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