EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Pini's Final Elfquest Cover Homages Her First

Wendy and Richard Pini’s ElfQuest: The Final Quest is coming to an end in February, the 40th anniversary of the first issue. To celebrate this, Wendy Pini did an homage of the first cover to feature the stars of ElfQuest.

Today, four decades after the Wolfriders made their debut, CBR has the exclusive first look at Pini's cover before it hits stands in 2018. It depicts many of the series' main characters, with Cutter's sword raised up over his head, like on the cover of Fantasy Quarterly, the title that held the first ElfQuest story.

First seeing publication in 1978, ElfQuest, from the husband and wife duo of Wendy and Richard Pini, proved to be a popular and influential comic book title. Telling the story of a community of elves and other species as they attempt to survive and coexist on a primitive planet similar to ancient Earth, the story fundamentally changed the fantasy genre forever.

Launching as an independent series through the Pinis' own WaRP Graphics publishing company, ElfQuest would aggressively expand in the early '90s to add multiple titles to the series' ongoing story. Over the decades, ElfQuest has been adapted into board games, role-playing games, and action figures. Stories have been published through Marvel Comics, DC Comics and now Dark Horse, where ElfQuest: The Final Quest has run from 2014 to 2018.

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