WeLoveFine debuts Spider-Gwen hoodies, leggings and more

Spider-Gwen -- an alternate universe take on Gwen Stacy where she, not Peter Parker, receives powers from a radioactive spider -- was an overnight sensation after debuting last year in Marvel's "Edge of Spider-Verse" #2, in large part due to the stylish (and notably practical) costume design by artist Robbi Rodriguez. In what feels like a natural next step, that design has inspired a new collection from fashion-forward, genre-centric clothing merchandiser WeLoveFine (as modeled by Meredith Placko and Michelle Nguyen in the above photo), consisting of hoodies, leggings and even a Spider-Gwen-patterned cardigan.

The collection ranges in price from $28 for the hooded tank, $37.50 for the leggings, $45 for the sleeved hoodie and $48 for the cardigan. All are currently available for preorder, and scheduled to ship on September 1. For those looking to get their Spider-Gwen gear before then, WeLoveFine currently has multiple t-shirts starring the character on sale.

In the past, comics creators like Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction have curated lines for WeLovefine, and "Spider-Gwen" writer Jason Latour said that's likely in the works for he, Rodriguez and colorist Rico Renzi; writing on Twitter, "The plan has always been that @RobbiRodriguez @whoisrico & I will eventually curate some Gwen gear for @welovefine. We just gotta find time."

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