Wells Re-Teams With Madureira On Un-Named Marvel Book

During a SPINOFF ONLINE interview with Zeb Wells about Adult Swim's upcoming "Robot Chicken Christmas Special," the writer revealed his involvement on a Marvel Comics series drawn by Joe Madureira and edited by Spider-editor Steve Wacker. Asked about his return to comics during the interview, Wells stated he has recently been working on pages for the artist and editor.

"I was up late last night writing some pages for Joe Mad and Steve Wacker," Wells said. "I kind of got swallowed up by this season of 'Robot Chicken.' This was the first season I directed, and it's a full-time job that there's not enough hours in the day to get it done. It kind of swallowed up the year, I sort of disappeared in that vortex."

In 2011, Wells launched "Avenging Spider-Man" with Madureira, but after the pair's initial arc, artists and writers have rotated on and off the title. And while this is the first word we've had on a new Wells/Mad collaboration, the artist's return to Marvel isn't especially surprising, considering the artist's comments shortly after his departure from Vigil Games.

"Yes, the Marvel stuff is still happening," Madureira stated on Facebook in October. "As I mentioned, this will be my focus for a bit as Marvel has been extraordinarily patient with me as pages slowly trickled in while I was also Vigil's Creative Director. Before I do ANYthing else I need to get some books done!"

The most recent piece of art by Madureira was shown exclusively on CBR's Axel-in-Charge column, depicting Elektra, Spider-Man and Wolverine. While this page hasn't yet been seen in a printed comic, there's no way of knowing whether it comes from the book that Wells has been writing for.

Stay tuned for CBR's full interview with Wells and Robot Chicken's Matt Senreich later this week.

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