Welcome to the world of comics, Donna A. Lewis

Donna A. Lewis is the creator of Reply All, a comic strip about a single career woman with crazy friends and a bit of insecurity. Lewis herself should have little reason to be insecure: Starting February 28, Reply All will be syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group, making it one of a very few new newspaper comic strips to debut this year. Lewis talked a bit about the comic and her work (she has another career with the Department of Homeland Security) to the Baltimore Jewish Times, which compared Reply All, not surprisingly, to Cathy.

Scott Kurtz welcomed Donna to the world of professional cartooning by slamming her art. Commenting at The Daily Cartoonist, he said,

The writing is cute, but Washington Post Writer’s Group couldn’t find an artist to team up with this person? It’s painful to look at. She’s a writer not an artist.

How hard is it to find an artist for this comic? They’re doing Donna a disservice.

Kurtz later added "I’m sorry if my comments hurt your feelings in any way," but Donna's reply showed she's ready for the big time:

Hurt my feelings, Scott? I’ve been in litigation for twenty years – I have no feelings left to hurt.

And actually, I love this forum because you guys make the attorneys I work with seem like gentle huggy bears. :-)

Yeah, she said that to Scott Kurtz. Somehow, I have a feeling that Donna Lewis is going to do just fine.

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