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Welcome to the new CBR! As you've likely noticed, we've moved to a new site design, incorporating many of the features that readers have asked for -- a mobile-friendly format, responsive design and what will be an all-around more efficient and more comfortable reading experience.

We've also moved the former subsites of CBR -- Robot 6, SPINOFF Online and Comics Should Be Good — as well as current columnists into CBR proper. We’re proud of that content and wanted to give it the best chance to be read. By featuring all of that quality material under the main CBR umbrella, every part of the site will be exposed to readers new and old. With individual blogs incorporated fully into CBR, those writers and those articles are now more of a key part of the site than ever.

As with any transition, there will be bumps in the road -- as you also have likely already noticed. Incorporating more than 15 years of CBR articles across various different sites and various back-ends into a new platform isn't an easy process, and we apologize for any confusion, outages, inconvenience or less-than-ideal presentations that you’ve run into. We're working very hard to make sure everything is stable and fully accessible as soon as possible. Some past content may be tricky to find at the moment, but we're taking steps to ensure that everything will be easy and intuitive to navigate as we work out the kinks. In order to lay the most solid foundation, we’re focusing on core functionality and then building out. A lengthy list of features are being added to the site as well over time, and we'll continue to tweak until things are exactly where they should be.

The move to a new site design is the latest step in the evolution of Comic Book Resources/CBR, which has more than 20 years of very proud history. None of this would have been possible without the unrivaled roster of current and past CBR contributors and editors - and of course, the site's founder and former owner Jonah Weiland - who all built an incredible, award-winning legacy, one that all of us currently working on the site are fortunate to build upon.

Anyone with constructive criticism, feedback or questions can contact me directly. Change can be scary, and all of us had a lot of emotional attachment to CBR's prior design. CBR means a lot to a lot people for a very good reason, and there's a huge responsibility and privilege in living up to that. The site may look different, but the editorial crew driving content remains the same, as does the focus: providing the absolute best in comic book and pop culture news, analysis and commentary. I've never been more confident in our ability to do so.

Thank you,

Albert Ching

Managing Editor, CBR

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