Welcome to Robot 6's second big birthday bash!

As I write this, it's Jan. 1, and another year just went into the history books. One filled with pricing changes, publishing announcements, sales charts, con wars, people moves, digital dreams and, most importantly, some really kick ass comics. Like I said last year, and probably every year since I've been doing this -- It’s been a pretty good year to be a blogger. There’s been plenty to talk about.

And as you're reading this, it's Jan. 2, which means it's Robot 6's second anniversary. And we're once again throwing a birthday bash of sorts, with all sorts of fun party favors. Like last year, Comic Book Resources bossman Jonah Weiland has allowed us to take over the home page for the day. Thanks to our friends at various comic companies, we have several previews of upcoming comics to share with you today, and thanks to many, many comic creators, we have a bunch of interviews, thoughts and opinions on 2010 and 2011. So definitely check back with us throughout the day.

I'm always reluctant to start listing people who deserve a thank you, because I'm afraid I might miss someone, but we've had a lot of help this year from a lot of folks -- people who linked to us, guest blogged with us, submitted a news tip or just stopped by to read the blog. The folks at CBR, from the Powers That Be to our fellow bloggers at Spinoff and Comics Should Be Good! to all the reporters who help us out on occasion, have been a joy to work with. And I couldn't have asked for a better group of folks to work with day in and day out than my Robot 6 colleagues.

So Happy New Year, everyone! As always, stay tuned for much, much more …

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