Welcome folks!

Here we are, at CBR!

Sounds like a campaign slogan, no?

Anyhoo, Comics Should Be Good is now hosted by Comic Book Resources! Neat, eh?

I uploaded the last week of posts from the old blog, plus the Urban Legends Archive (a new, special one-year anniversary Urban Legends Revealed will be up later tonight!). I will probably be adding more archived posts later, so be sure to check the categories listings! Also, there will be some more tidying up as time goes by (I still have to add a lot of blogroll people).

A big thank you (and I must be overly excited about the move, as I forgot to say this in my first post, like a moron) to Stephen Gerding at KungFuRodeo.com for designing this super cool looking site.

If you're new to Comics Should Be Good, I have a little "mission statement," as it were, up here. Or, just click on "About" at the top of the page.

Oh look, we even have a FORUM at CBR! How cool is that?

I'd introduce all the other contributors (Greg Burgas, Greg Hatcher, Brad Curran, Paul McEnery, Tadhg Adams, MarkAndrew, Bill Reed, Harvey Jerkwater, Chad, Pol Rua), but I figure it's best you just get to know everyone by their posts!

Welcome to CBR, Comics Should Be Good, I hope we all survive the experience!

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