Welcome Back #3 (UNLETTERED)

Artist Claire Roe joins writer Christopher Sebela (who's fresh from a month-long stint at a clown motel) on BOOM! Studios' "Welcome Back" as new series artist with this month's issue #3, and CBR has an exclusive first look at her interior pages from the issue.

Additionally, "Welcome Back" #1 has gone back for a third printing, and CBR has the debut of that cover, also illustrated by Roe. "Welcome Back" #3 will feature a cover from original series artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, who had to step away from the series due to health issues. Late last month, "Welcome Back" was upgraded from a miniseries to an ongoing.

Here's the official solicitation text:

Now an ongoing series! Tessa arrives in Kansas City looking for Mali, but instead finds Lorena, Mali's reincarnated stepfather in the body of a 10-year-old girl who is also a Soldier and ready for battle.

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