Welcome aboard, Brigid Alverson

I’m really pleased to announce that Brigid Alverson of MangaBlog, Digital Strips and Good Comics for Kids fame is joining the Robot 6 team.

Brigid will cover webcomics in her new column, which kicks off this week. Here’s her description of what she plans to cover:

"’Webcomics’ is a huge topic and I plan to keep it pretty broad. I'm very interested in the business side of things and how people can make the webcomics model work, as well as evolving platforms such as iPod Touch, Kindle, etc. And I'm also very interested in the creative side of things—how people do it. I plan to have the column be a mix of material—interviews, reviews, and the occasional think piece.”

Brigid’s column will run on Tuesdays, as Tom Bondurant’s Grumpy Old Fan moves back to its original Thursday spot now that he’s wrapped up the Trinity Annotations.

Again, welcome aboard, Brigid – I’m looking forward to reading your first column!

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