Weisman & Broccardo to Conclude Marvel's "Kanan" Series at 12 Issues

As of March, writer Greg Weisman will see his "Kanan" series draw to a close with artist Andrea Broccardo. Though the solicitation for "Kanan" #12 -- the final issue -- mentions the series' conclusion, writer Greg Weisman confirmed the end of the title on Twitter.

@whoareyoutocare I'm told it ends with 12. But #StarWarsKanan 9 is available tomorrow! As is #StarbrandandNightmask #1!

- Greg Weisman (@Greg_Weisman) December 16, 2015

The series follows Kanan Jarrus, a character from "Star Wars Rebels." It was initially intended to be a 5-issue miniseries, but found a large enough fanbase to continue for another seven issues. CBR has reached out to Marvel for comment.

You can check out the full solicit for the issue below.


Andrea Broccardo (A)


• The rebels' adventures on Kaller come to an end!

• But when a friend from Kanan's past needs help, he stays behind...

• The look into the past of the former Jedi concludes here!

32 PGS./Rated T ...$3.99

"Kanan" #12 is scheduled to arrive at retailers in March.

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