10 Weirdest Star Wars Legends Comic Stories

Star Wars remains one of the most important science fiction sagas of all time. Many fans are aware the saga extends far beyond the films and television shows into the realms of comics. However, in the age of Disney-owned Star Wars, many fans have forgotten the old Expanded Universe, now referred to as Star Wars Legends.

Star Was Legends is weird. It assembled over time under the influence of numerous different creative individuals, and, as such, not all the stories are particularly normal. Or sane. Or even very good. But many comics offered some particularly strange and bizarre Star Wars stories, which modern fans ought to revisit. These odd curiosities in the old Star Wars Legends canon deserve to be remembered.

10 Jaxxon, The Green Rabbit

Star Wars Han Solo and Jaxxon

Jaxxon predates Yoda. Just take that into consideration.

While Jaxxon does exist in modern Star Wars canon as well, this is primarily due to a fondness for the bizarre origin story that led to him first appearing at all. He basically had to audition to join Han Solo's "Star-Hoppers" group. This led to a series of misadventures involving Jaxxon in the early, trippy canon of Marvel's run of Star Wars.

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These stories are consistently trippy, but they are, to an extent, excusable. No one knew that Star Wars was going to be a hit, so Marvel just threw whatever they could against the wall to see what would stick. So in context, Jaxxon isn't so odd. It's only when looking at what Star Wars Legends became that Jaxxon appears extremely odd.

9 Master Baytes

Star Wars Master Soon Baytes

Star Wars has some weird names. Obi-Won's home planet is named "Stewjon," named after popular comedic personality John Stewart. There is a Jedi Master named Kitt Fisto, whose name is so close to something inappropriate it defies belief. Even established names like Jaba or Jar-Jar — they sound ridiculous.

But in Jedi Council: Acts of War #2, readers were introduced to Jedi Master Soon Baytes. Yes. Master...Baytes. Say that again, just a little faster, in case you didn't get how ridiculous this was the first time. It defies belief that anyone could have named this Star Wars Legend character without one of them realizing how ridiculous this sounded.

8 The Ewok's Crying Mountain

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The Ewoks had their fair share of Star Wars Legend spin-off material in the early days. Many people are aware of the made-for-TV movies from the '80s, which were their own doses of weird in and of themselves. But most people forget the bizarre comics published in the early years of the Star Wars Legend canon.

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Among the weirdest moments of this Care Bears inspired comic, at one point, the Ewoks have to confront a mountain that cries. Ewoks #7 features a mountain named Mount Sorrow who can cure people with the powers of his tears. It is only through the power of friendship the Ewoks receive said tears, but — there is a mountain in the Star Wars expanded canon that is at once alive, sentient, and capable of shedding tears. And fans get upset about the scientific plausibility of a starship ramming another ship at lightspeed.

7 George R. Binks

Star Wars George R Binks

Star Wars Legends had a habit of expanding upon the lore of every character, major or minor, in order to heighten the drama of every moment in Star Wars lore. It seemed inevitable that someone would go out of their way to make Jar-Jar Binks a little more serious.

Enter George R. Binks, appearing in Star Wars Tales #20. This series featured distinctly non-canon tales featuring the Star Wars characters, offering writers a chance to go a little crazy.

And in this story, we meet Jar-Jar Binks's dad, who is a whaler. Yeah. After crash landing, he's forced to watch his son, Jar-Jar, mess up again and again, which drives him to depression. But what pushes him into pulling the trigger on himself ends up being when he is told to "Think of his son."

6 Tag And Bink

Tag and Bink is a parody comic told in the style of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead — or, you know, Lion King 1 1/2. In this story, the whole of Star Wars is retold through the perspective of two bumbling idiots who stumble their way through the whole franchise, crediting themselves with every major inconvenience or oddity in the plot without ever dying in the crossfire.

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What's even funnier is that Tag and Bink almost appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but, in a darkly funny twist, were cut for time. An oddly fitting end for such a strange set of characters.

5 Star Wars Infinities

Star Wars Infinities occupies a very particular part of Star Wars Legend canon. It is, by its very nature, a 'what if' story. It isn't the only 'what if' story, but it does offer some creative visions of what could have been if certain events happened differently in Star Wars canon.

Infinities offer a familiar yet fascinating insight on the original trilogy in creative and fascinating ways. Ways that really toy with the familiar. This comic is surreal and strange, especially in one particularly memorable moment when Darth Vader starts donning a white suit. It is at once ridiculous and incredibly awesome.

4 Indiana Jones Crossover

Star Wars Indiana Jones and Han Solo

After Star Wars, LucasFilm's most iconic IP is Indiana Jones. And both star Harrison Ford. Why not combine the two? Problem is, Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, so how can you combine the two?

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You bring Han to Earth, and let Indiana Jones uncover Han's corpse. Oh, and Chewbacca? He's Bigfoot. Star Wars Tales #19. Check it out.

No, really, this is how they figured they could crossover Indie and Star Wars. It is a bizarrely depressing crossover but also represents an era where you could mix up Indiana Jones with aliens without the fandom getting angry about it.

3 Dark Empire

The Emperor in Dark Empire

Star Wars - Dark Empire is a fairly well-known Star Wars Legends comic book. It is also incredibly ridiculous and emblematic of everything stupid and wonderful about Star Wars Legend.

The crux of the series is that Emperor Palpatine has cheated death by turning into essentially a Force Ghost that can transfer into the collected cloned bodies of himself he keeps somewhere. So, he tries to get Luke to join the dark side and actually succeeds. Also, Boba Fett comes back.

The height of the ridiculousness, however, is when the Emperor attempts to transfer his essence into Han and Leia's son, effectively ripping off the plot of Ghostbusters 2. The story is completely ridiculous. It's also bizarrely entertaining. It shows that Star Wars Legend is a sort of silly fanfiction world where any insanity is possible. And it reflects a time in the Star Wars fandom where you could do wild stuff without a subset of fans starting a harassment campaign against whoever they blame this week for "ruining Star Wars."

2 Zombie Gungans

Star Wars Zombie Gungans

Zombies are a surprising mainstay of the Star Wars Legends canon. While many fans might dismiss zombies in anything, there were numerous Legends books and comics to feature zombies.

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The strangest? Star Wars: Republic #51. A zombie outbreak spreads among Gungans, turning them into undead flesh eaters. Of course, since this story takes place during the Clone Wars, it's due to a chemical weapon employed by the Separatists, but this doesn't change the fact the story grants you the pleasure of watching people carve through legions of Jar-Jar Binks lookalikes. It's bizarre, yet oddly cathartic.

1 Skippy The Force Sensitive Droid

skippy droid force

This one is particularly infamous. Star Wars Legends had a habit of bringing back obscure characters from Star Wars lore to expand on their roles. All in order to make the universe feel more complete and lived in. Sometimes, this worked. IG-88, for example, was an almost unknown character who became a fan favorite.

Others...just why?

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Take the tale of Skippy. Don't remember Skippy? Remember that droid Luke buys in A New Hope that blows its motivator? Someone thought that character needed a backstory. Turns out, Skippy was force sensitive and foresaw that R2-D2 needed to go with Luke for the good of the galaxy, so blew itself up for the good of the world. It is such an unnecessary story that, in a strange way, it's a little admirable. This is a story no one cared about, yet it exists.

Whoever wrote this story was so pre-occupied with whether or not they could give every Star Wars character a backstory they never stopped to ask if they should.

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