The 10 Weirdest Anime Ever Made, Ranked

One reason that anime has garnered so many fans is that it is not afraid to get weird. From the characters to the plots to even the art style, there are some oddities out there. There are scenes in anime you would never see in an American cartoon. Mature content in anime is common and since it's animated, the sky is the limit in terms of imagination.

Here are ten anime we found to be the strangest, ranked from least to most weird. But rest assured, these anime are all copious amounts of bizarre.

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10 Kill La Kill

Compared to others on this list, Kill la Kill is a pretty mainstream show. Fans love it for its action, style, and overall strangeness. The main character is a high school student who is looking for whoever killed her father. What is most weird in this show is the clothes, clothes with very little skin coverage that give people superpowers and abilities.

It is also one of the longer shows on this list, having 24 episodes. The manga is actually more on the short end with just three volumes.

9 Saint Young Men

This slice of life comedy anime has one major focus: Buddha and Jesus hanging out together. In fact, they are roommates in Tokyo. Its manga is still running since it began in 2006, however the anime is pretty short. It offers hilarious puns and gags.

With sacred figures, you would imagine the anime was met with some controversy. Surprisingly, it has not really garnered any bad blood. It could be because Jesus and Buddha are both very sweet and likable characters.

8 Punch Line

The protagonist is a spirit who has to protect four girls but if he sees panties twice in a row, the world will be destroyed by a meteor. One of the show's creators is Kotaro Uchikoshi, the man behind the Zero Escape games so there is some quality plot twists in the show.

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Overall though, it has mixed reviews. As for the strangest aspect, him seeing panties twice ending the world, that is just something you are expected to roll with in this show. It doesn't need an explanation.


Despite only being six episodes long, FLCL is one of the more well-known and popular shows on this list. It is a very symbolic and surreal coming-of-age story. Basically, a boy gets hit in the head by a very strange woman with a guitar and it leaves a very phallic and odd bumped on his head that gets larger and larger. She drags him into a crazy fate-of-the-world kind of plot.

A lot of anime fans call FLCL a masterpiece while others think it gets way more praise than it deserves. There is one true fact though: it is a weird anime.

6 Akikan

What is weird about this show can be summed up in three words: anthropomorphic soda cans. The protagonist is a boy whose melon soda turns into a girl. She is only the first, as more soda cans turns into women and they have to fight to see who is the strongest. Besides melon soda, we have girls who were once sports drinks, grape juice, sweet red bean soup, vegetable juice, and mixed juice.

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The manga is currently still running since 2008 and the anime has 12 episodes.

5 Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

At first, the style of this show could be mistaken for a cartoon. However, the content is super mature and it is indeed an anime. The main characters are angels who were kicked out of heaven for bad behavior. They defeat monsters and earn coins that they plan to use to buy their way back to heaven. They do often get sidetracked though, as Panty loves men and Stocking is obsessed with sweets.

The innocent-seeming animation along with the very mature content is weird and jarring but a part of why it is beloved by its fans. It also have one of the most trollish endings in anime history.

4 Midori Days

This anime focuses on a boy whose right hand turns into a girl.

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The protagonist is a tough kid who gets into a lot of fights and cannot get a girlfriend. So he laments that it will just be him and his right hand as companions. The next morning, his right hand is an actual girl. The two sort of get a romantic relationship between them. He also tries to hide her from everyone by disguising her as an injured arm by covering her in bandages. The anime is 13 episodes long.

3 Makura No Danshi

A big aspect to this uncanny harem anime is that it is in first-person. You, the viewer, are the protagonist. As for what is going on, you are in a bed with an animated man and he just talks to you.

Yes, that is it. That's the show and it is 12 episodes with 12 different characters. Each episode focuses on a different character and they range age five years old (or he just looks five) to 41-years-old.

2 Sekko Boys

Just looking at screenshots of this show is enough to warrant a laugh, it is so ridiculous. It is exactly what it looks like, the main characters are gypsum busts of Saint Giorgio, Hermes, Mars, and Medici and an art school graduate.

She works with them to make them form an idol group. It is 12 episodes long and aired in 2016. Obviously, this is a comedy. There are a ton of rock and stone jokes. and major deconstruction of the whole music idol genre that is so popular in Japanese TV.

1 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a series that is almost pure absurdism. The hero of the story is a man who can control his nose-hairs like they are whips and he fights a group who want to turn the entire world bald. Despite there being a plot, the characters get sidetracked a ton by just being their strange selves.

We do not even know what Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler are. It is a world where anything can be alive and the main character can do whatever he wants for no reason other than he is feeling silly.

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