Weird Worlds #1

Welcome to one of the weirdest titles DC has ever assembled - 6 issues filled with stories of monsters, ghouls and far-out cosmic craziness!

Each month, you'll be treated to new 10-page chapters in three exciting serials. In this debut issue, Kevin Van Hook and Jerry Ordway bring you the continuing adventures of Lobo, everyone's favorite Czarnian (after all, he's the only one left, so he'd better be your favorite). Aaron Lopresti introduces you to his newest creation, the kind-hearted monster called Garbageman. And Kevin Maguire takes you to the farthest reaches of outer space with the introduction of a hero called Tanga!

Wrap it all up in a cover by the amazing Justiniano, and you've got a truly monstrous hit on your hands! These artists are letting their freak flags fly - join them, why don't you?

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