The Vision: 15 Weird Secrets About The Android Avenger's Body

The Vision has been around since 1940, first appearing in Marvel Mystery Comics #13.  He's now a major character in the MCU and has had an incredible run of comics featuring scribe Tom King. As most folks reading this will know, Vision is a synthezoid -- an android of sorts -- created by Ultron to take down the Avengers, but was eventually swayed to join the fight against the psychopathic robot. After the events of his birth, he ends up joining the Avengers to help them with other threats against humanity and the world. Most recently, the Vision tackled the idea of having a family, which tragically ended with him losing more than he gained.

While the Synthezoid has done a lot of good in the Marvel Universe, he has also been used to commit some atrocities as well. He is an extremely powerful being that can decimate a majority of the heroes around him. This can also be seen in the MCU as he are almost too powerful. He can fly, walk through walls, and even lift Mjolnir (at least in the films). This is possible because he is an inorganic being that can upgrade his own body. Vision has died and been resurrected which leaves a lot of weird history to uncover, but not weirder than these strange facts about his synthetic body!


In the MCU, the yellow gem on Vision's forehead is an Infinity Stone, but in the comics it's simply a small solar jewel that absorbs solar radiation. He converts it into energy to use for the various processes of his synthetic body. The recharging process that Vision uses is similar to photosynthesis like in plants, but with better efficiency. It also helps that the solar radiation absorption is constantly occurring in case he ever needs to use a ton of his energy.

The solar jewel is also capable of using that solar radiation for offensive attacks. Vision's solar energy can be channeled into infrared and microwave radiation. He can control the temperature of these solar energy beams between 500 and 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit. He can even sustain the beams for two minutes before he starts to exert too much of his energy.


The Vision was created by Ultron to kill his own creators Hank Pym aka Ant-Man and his wife Janet Van Dyne aka the Wasp. Ultron used Vision to lure the Avengers into a trap. When the Wasp first encounters the synthezoid, she marveled at him and described him as a "vision." Vision didn't know it then, but his brain patterns were derived from the then-deceased Wonder Man.

The reason Ultron implanted Wonder Man's brain patterns into Vision was to get rid of any of his Human Torch memories after realizing Professor Horton never removed them. He kills the Professor, but while Vision tries to seek revenge, Ultron changes his brain patterns. It isn't until Avengers #58 that Vision actually discovers his brain patterns are not his own and they're from Wonder Man. It's heartbreaking and gives us an iconic image of the synthezoid crying. Speaking of which...



Usually, when you think of an android, you don't really see them exhibiting human-like emotions. So, the thought of someone like Vision producing tears is a hard one to... ahem... envision. However, since he's a synthezoid it's a totally different story. Synthezoids are synthetic-humanoid robots which share a lot of common attributes with human beings. This means Vision is completely capable of producing tears.

When Scarlet Witch manipulated reality, she did something unforgivable to Vision. She made him fight against the Avengers and that decision made him push her away. Her betrayal was something he couldn't look past, which made him cast her away from the Avengers mansion at the start of Avengers Vs. X-Men arc. He shed tears because he still loved Wanda. One of Vision's most famous stories Even An Android Can Cry features the synthezoid's tears when he discovers he has Wonder Man's memory and brain patterns.


While it is true that Vision's body was derived from the Human Torch, it is not the entire story. Vision's body is actually a duplicate of the Human Torch's. Time Lord Immortus actually split up the Human Torch's body into two separate, but similar entities by using the Forever Crystal. This left one body for the original Human Torch as well as one for Ultron to use in his creation of Vision.

The reason that Immortus did this had to do more with his fear of Scarlet Witch than anything else. He knew someone as powerful as her having children would be too dangerous for the Marvel Universe. Vision was a part of Immortus' plan to nurture a romantic relationship with her and someone who couldn't produce children. This plan is ultimately fruitless because Scarlet Witch uses her hex powers to make two children for her and the Vision.



Professor Phineas T. Horton was the creator of the original Human Torch. His Horton Cells are synthetic replicas of human cells which are made of plastic and carbon polymers. The cells can be grown in a culture similar to human cells and they are also compatible with people. They have also been known to activate mutant and Inhuman physiology depending on their hosts. The cells had a habit of combusting when exposed to oxygen, however, which is what gives the original Human Torch his signature powers.

As we mentioned, the foundation of his body was made using the Human Torch's duplicate body created by the Forever Crystal, so Vision was also originally made of Horton Cells. The Horton Cells that Vision used were different from the Human Torch's, though, because they were modified by Horton to have other abilities that the Torch didn't have, hence giving Vision a wider range of abilities.


Vision's computer brain enables him to process and store vast amounts of information that helps him while fighting against evil with the Avengers. His computer brain also allows him to interact wirelessly or locally with computer systems, which means he can hack just about anything. This wireless connection allows him to stay in constant communication with Avengers computers, and he even used it to gain access to nuclear weapons by disabling digital security systems.

Since Vision is a synthezoid, he does share a lot of human qualities. He can actually feel a range of human emotions, which caused hallucinations of guilt in All-New, All-Different Avengers #0 after not saving someone from a bus accident. He deleted his emotional data, however, because the hallucinations became too troublesome.



Vision's ability to control his density is perhaps his best-known superpower. At the same time, however, his strength and speed are both products of his ability to manipulate his density. He could achieve this initially because of his upgraded Horton Cells, but then he upgraded to nanobots and his bodily control grew exponentially. He's increased his density so much that he can lift 50 tons. For flight, he decreases his density to become weightless and glides through the air, frictionless.

Vision's density control also gives him the ability to phase through objects or living beings. He has used it to cause his enemies pain by phasing through their body and solidifying once there. The density change can also be used defensively. When a villain throws a swing at him, fist or weapon, he can lower his density and have the attack go right through him.


While Vision's main energy source is his solar jewel, which absorbs solar radiation that he converts into energy to power himself, he can actually simulate eating and gather energy from "digestion." It's kind of a small quirk that gives him the option to be a little more human when he's hanging out with his friends or strangers. He explains it in a scene where he and Beast are at a bar in Avengers #13.

The issue is about Beast taking a night off from trying to figure out a cure for the Legacy virus. He is joined by Wanda, Wonder Man, and Vision. This is where the synthezoid explains that his thoracic furnace converts mass into energy. While he is able to get some energy by committing this process, it isn't as efficient as simply absorbing solar radiation through his jewel.



In Secret Avengers #26, Vision is helping Thor and the other Avengers stop the Phoenix Force from reaching Earth. This issue is an Avengers Vs. X-Men tie-in where Vision and the others' efforts are thwarted almost immediately. The Phoenix Force overpowers all of these cosmic and non-cosmic heroes before moving past them and continuing its journey toward Earth.

Before the Phoenix Force left the Vision and other Avengers alone, it blasted them with a powerful blow that knocked Thor down and drained the energy right out of him. Vision was blown back, but he didn't lose consciousness the way that Thor did. He also didn't appear to suffer any damage from the blast despite the Phoenix Force being one of the most powerful beings in the universe.


When the Scarlet Witch lost both her children to Mephisto, she went crazy and started to change reality to recreate them. This causes some cataclysmic events to transpire. One of these leads to the Vision's body being completely destroyed by She-Hulk during the Avengers Disassembled storyline. Vision confesses he has no control over his body, which explains why he crashes a Quinjet into the Avengers mansion.

Right after explaining himself, Vision expelled spheres that turned into multiple Ultrons, which the Avengers quickly disposed of. She-Hulk was tired and angry about the Avengers being attacked and decided to put the synthezoid out of his misery. She rips apart whatever was left of his body. It was later revealed that Doctor Doom forced Scarlet Witch to make Vision go against his team.



When Vision's Ultron Imperative program switched on, he started to amass solar energy by orbiting Sol and gathering raw materials to continue his own evolution. He refined the materials and used the energy to convert his body entirely into nanobots. This allows Vision to travel through small spaces or fit into them by disassembling into streams of nanites.

Each nanobot has a copy of Vision's A.I. programming, which could possibly allow Vision to reconstruct a new body from a single nanite. He can also use this technology to infiltrate computer systems at the atomic level by rewiring them completely. It gives his ability for cyberpathic and technopathic manipulation a serious boost. The synthezoid's upgraded body makes him a far more formidable foe against his enemies, especially any of them who use technology for their crimes.


During the hugely controversial Secret Empire event, Steve Rogers went evil and joined forces with Hydra to take control of the planet. He wasn't the only one who sided with Hydra, though, as Vision also joined their ranks. All the original Avengers who sided with Hydra Captain America were considered Hydra Avengers. Of course, while Vision did seem like he was helping Hydra, he was actually infected by an A.I. virus.

Even while under Hydra's control, Vision still occasionally tried to fight off the virus, but it was still hard for him to shake. Thankfully, his daughter Viv Vision ended up helping her synthezoid father purge the virus and once again fight on the side of the heroes. Vision helped to fight against Captain America's Hydra forces during the final battle.



In West Coast Avengers #42, the Vision was kidnapped by rogue government agents called Vigilance. The reason they did this was to erase any of the government secrets that Vision learned when he was connected to every computer on Earth. While Immortus isn't in the actual issues where Vision is dismantled, it is later revealed that it was him who set the pieces in motion.

Then, in the follow issue, the Avengers, along with Agent Mockingbird, find the Vision dissected and laid out across a slab. All his parts are displayed piece by piece, which completely devastates Scarlet Witch. The Avengers bring him back to their facility, but when they put him back together, they notice something isn't right. He's completely white from head to toe and all of his emotions are gone.


Vision is hardcore! After his attacks against the Avengers and death at the hands of She-Hulk, Vision was in the afterlife protecting the living Avengers in a Chaos War tie-in when they were put to sleep. He was surprised to find himself in the afterlife as he thought synthezoid's wouldn't get there. He eventually decides that what he must do to protect them is kill Grim Reaper by blowing himself up.

It's such an emotionally taxing scene because while Vision is deciding whether or not to sacrifice himself for the greater good, he remembers something Ultron said to him. He told him that since Vision couldn't die then he couldn't be human. As Grim Reaper taunted Vision for destroying the Avengers' Mansion, he weighs this out and detonates himself.



Vision is a synthezoid, which means he harbors nearly human characteristics, but he is still an android. He can produce energy by using solar radiation, and he chooses to simulate eating, mostly for people because he feels it makes them more comfortable. Still, his metabolism isn't like a human being's, which led to him being successfully drugged, despite his inorganic body.

In Avengers #62, Vision returns with Black Panther to Wakanda, only to be greeted with guns in their faces as well as other Avengers with them. Black Panther is angry about M'Baku giving the orders to flash weapons in the faces of the Avengers, but he tries to be diplomatic. They have dinner, but M'Baku drugs everyone and knocks them out. Maybe in Vision's eating simulation, the drug somehow affected him, but it's weird and seems unlikely. And yet, it happened!


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