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Can’t Hardly Wade: 15 Unsettling Pieces Of Deadpool Fan Art

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Can’t Hardly Wade: 15 Unsettling Pieces Of Deadpool Fan Art

Deadpool is everyone’s favorite immortal antihero. He’s one of a handful of self-aware comic book characters, which leads to some pretty interesting situations in his comics, his video games and of course, more recently, his films. He has a tendency to break the fourth wall and pretty much act like a running faucet of quips and gags, making his comics colorful in more ways than one. Just take a look at the cover art pieces for the Deadpool comic series and you’ll have some idea of how weird things can be when it comes to the Merc with a Mouth.

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That being said, it’s definitely never as weird as it could be. If you doubt that, you’re not looking hard enough. Every reasonably young person knows that when you’re looking for weird things, your best bet is to scour the internet because it’s… well, it’s a lot like Deadpool. The further you look beneath the surface, the more unsettling it can become. That’s exactly what we’re bringing you here: 15 unsettling pieces of art made by fans of Deadpool (in no particular order of weirdness). Maybe you’ll see something you like, maybe you won’t, or maybe you’ll see something so odd that you’ll start questioning everything you believe about Wade Wilson… or yourself! Regardless of how you feel about these wonderful pieces, you’ll have to agree that these fans definitely have boat-loads of passion, and talent!



Here we have this lovely piece by LazyBasy, simply titled “Deadpool,” depicting the titular character in a bikini and straw sun hat decorated with a flower. Palm trees sway at his back and if you look at the full image you’ll see he’s come prepared for the water with his pink inflatable beach ring. It’s one of the most wonderfully random things we’ve ever seen.

You can’t question the artist’s skill with digital artwork. He got the lighting and shading just right and is able to pretty skillfully imply Wade’s facial expression beneath that mask. While at first it might seem like something you might see in an actual Deadpool comic, we can’t but feel slightly disturbed by all the little details: the frills around Wade’s bikini and the fact that he’s wearing that bikini atop his regular suit. What kind of a madman does that?



With a near-perfect combination of violence, lunacy and fictional goodness, comes this fantastic piece by Marco D’Alfonso. It takes our two favorite maniacs, Deadpool and Harley Quinn, and places them in the roles of Mickey and Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers (directed by Oliver Stone). Without question, those homicidal roles would fit the two like really bloody gloves.

The artist was able to capture the essence of both worlds. The red shades, the crazed look in Harley’s eyes and of course the screencaps at the bottom of the full image mimicking the film scenes. The lines between the horrifying film by Oliver Stone and Marvel and DC’s famous comic book characters are blurred. It’s disturbing when you really think about the message of the film and what we’re all actually glorifying here.



Just so we’re not all stuck on that grim thought for too long, let’s move on to this beautiful piece, Deadpool and his Unicorn by JupiterJenny. Everyone who has seen the Deadpool film (directed by Tim Miller) will be familiar with the unicorn and why its err… important… at least to Wade.

This particular piece is awesome for a few reasons. The first of these is that it’s pretty well drawn and isn’t cluttered with random things like most pieces. The outrageous image of a clinically insane antihero atop a beautiful unicorn in front of a waterfall speaks for itself. The thing that really stands out here and makes this image really unsettling is the way Deadpool grasps the unicorn, pretty much perfectly reflecting the nature of its use in the film. That shocked look in the unicorn’s eyes makes a whole lot of sense now, doesn’t it?



When people think of what the internet has to offer, images like this one would probably spring to mind. Here we have The King of Cool by John Gallagher. Gallagher does a lot of superhero-inspired digital artwork and much like this one, he’s captures the best parts of those heroes like Deadpool in all his wacky glory.

Here we see Wade flying over explosive volcanoes with Cable by his side and actress Megan Fox clinging to him atop his winged black unicorn, leaving behind a path of destruction and a rainbow trail. How else would you picture Deadpool? It’s violent, it’s colorful and undeniably memorable. It make no sense at all and yet it’s also only logical. That’s what’s disturbing. It’s also perfect for Deadpool, who embodies the violence and darkness without forgetting to remind us not to take things too seriously.



This one sort of makes sense since Deadpool is technically a Disney character. In an image that quite accurately captures the nature of Spidey and Deadpool’s relationship, we see Wade taking on the role of Anna and Spidey taking on Elsa, sisters from Frozen (directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck) whose relationship with each other are nothing like the one between Deadpool and Spidey. It’s a whole lot of random and it warps two beloved Disney characters in such a way that it’s difficult not to love it!

Spider Frozen Pool by Pinoy1 is obviously not the most intricate artwork you’ll ever see, but the artist’s style keeps things light and funny, like the Disney film. Nothing in this piece isn’t funny and simultaneously slightly unsettling, be it Spidey’s expression, the fact that Deadpool is actually pulling off that look or the palace made of webbing instead of ice.



This might be a favorite for those who grew up on the original 150 Pokemon. Drawn by Anthony R, the image depicts Deadpool as various Pokemon. There is absolutely no connection between Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth and the Japanese video game franchise… and yet, here we have something that works surprisingly well together, mostly because the color scheme of Deadpool’s suit lends itself well to pocket sized monsters.

That being said, they’re a bit creepy looking. Maybe it’s because quite a few people grew up with Pokemon and it’s a frightening amalgam of an innocent childhood memory and the hilarious homicidal antihero that is Deadpool, but there is something quite eery about it. We can probably assume the cute little Bulbasaur we all know and love would hypothetically be just a little more lethal or creative with his tendrils in this Deadpool-themed Pokemon world. See? Bit creepy now, isn’t it?



Speaking of warping innocent things, let’s take a look at this skillfully created image by Marcella Cappelletti, titled Open Minded. It depicts Deadpool with his cranium removed and his brain exposed, vulnerable to these Inside Out-inspired feelings to wreak havoc on each lobe. Of course, the most violent part of this image is the brain-spatter on the corner spelling out its title.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s awesome. It’s also gory, twisted and hilarious, which is disturbing to people without a dark sense of humor and coincidentally a perfect encapsulation of Deadpool’s character. The artist mentioned on her page that the artwork was inspired by musings she had about Deadpool in the Inside Out (directed by Pete Docter) film world. We can only imagine…



There are certain things you don’t expect to see, no matter how crazy the world gets. Deadpool as a Playboy cover model is most definitely one of those things. This piece, created by Patrik Komljenović is titled Playpool and depicts Deadpool on a particularly grim looking magazine cover obviously parodying Playboy, complete with bunny ears and a fluffy bunny tail.

What really makes us uncomfortable about this is his pose and the crazed look in his masked eye. That, and the splattered blood in the background makes a weird combination of sensual, crazy and violent. You’re put off by it but you can’t stop staring. Say what you will about this rather unsettling piece of work, but never let it be said that Deadpool can’t pull off bunny attire.



What would it look like if Deadpool ever settled down and tried to start a family? The artist, Merides tries to show us with Family Portrait. It depicts Deadpool with a wife, Lady Deadpool, a Deadpool kid (not to be confused with Kid Deadpool) and a Deadpool Dog with a Deadpool chew toy, aka the zombified Headpool. They’re one big happy family… if your definition of “happy” is synonymous with “psychotic.”

While sketchy, this brightly colored drawing keeps the crazy of the costumed family spilling through with unquestionable love for the characters. The more you look at it, the more discomforting it gets. Whether it’s the fact that they’re all basically the same character (yes, even the dog) or the decapitated head smiling at us, take your pick, it’s all unsettling.



You may have already come across this term some time over the course of your internet surfing but for those who don’t know, “kawaii” basically means “cute” and it’s a part of Japanese culture that has recently spilled over into Western culture through small groups and the internet,. Thus was Kawaii Deadpool born, thanks to Lesley A. Jensen and her art piece titled Too Kawaii to Live Too Sugoi to Die (“Sugoi” basically meaning “awesome”).

When you look at the full image, you’ll come across quite a few disturbing things. The first is that even though Deadpool is most definitely fully clothed, you can still tell that his skirt doesn’t quite cover his crotch… which is where you’ll also see he’s a big Spidey fan. Have fun with that one! We have to give credit where credit is due, of course: it’s the details that really make this piece so strangely enjoyable.



If you thought you’d seen the last of Deadpool and kawaii culture, think again. Here we have Magical Girl by Archvermin. It depicts Deadpool in what looks to be kawaii schoolgirl attire, sitting and presumably waiting to speak to to be interviewed (maybe for acceptance into this school?). Just in case it wasn’t already perfectly clear that he’s playing the part of a “magical school girl,” he’s even got a blonde wig on.

There’s something inherently discomforting about a grown man dressed in pigtails hanging around a school, especially when you know it to be someone who murders people for a living and sometimes for fun. That girl to the left totally agrees. Well done to the artist for rendering it all out in such a way that it appears to come straight out of an anime comic.



This next one by Norunn8931, titled Deadpool, once again depicts Deadpool in what can only be described as anime-style french maid attire (a sort of sub-culture in Japan), with Deadpool-esque hearts floating around him. We’re not quite sure what it is but apparently something about Deadpool demands that he be drawn into anime worlds. This particular image is certainly one of the better ones in terms of quality, just look at that shading. Then look away because we know it’s making you uncomfortable.

A lot of this is unsettling because his pose, the hearts, the anime-inspired style warps everything we know about Deadpool and yet, oddly enough, something about it works. Maybe it’s the fact that its just so random and cute, which is something we love about Deadpool’s comics… well, that and the bloodbath that usually ensues.



The least disturbing but nonetheless unsettling image we have is Deadpool’s depiction as an owl, rendered by 4Steex. What more can be said about it? Wade Wilson is an owl in this picture, still fully equipped with his signature belt, katanas and of course, his mask, which has been reshaped to suit his owl head.

What disturbs us most? It might just be the randomness of it. It might be the fact that, judging by the shape of the mask, this particular owl has human-like brows, leading us to think that there might be some horrid semi-humanoid face lurking beneath that mask, able to turn its head 360 degrees. The details of this image, from the feathers to the shimmer of the rubber mask, are awesome… but boy is its concept just freaky.



Take a look at Deadpool Venom by Derek Laufman. It’s a simple piece depicting a chibi symbiote-infected Deadpool. The concept of Deadpool and the symbiote isn’t new. In fact, it was revealed that he wore the Venom symbiote first in Deadpool: Back in Black #5 (written by Cullen Bunn, art by Salvador Espin and others); however, that has never been shown in chibi style. For those who don’t know, “chibi” translated from Japanese basically means “little” or “cute,” and is now used to refer to a style of drawing like the one seen above.

Take the monstrosity of Deadpool and the Venom symbiote and mix it in with something cute. That’s what the artist has done. It’s the stuff of nightmares and yet it’s also the stuff of hilarious dreams. That’s mostly why it’s so unsettling. Never mind the tooth-filled jaws and monstrous tongue lashing about.



The Venom symbiote would be super scary in real life, in any shape or form. This art piece, titled Squirrelpool vs Squenom by Nick Lasovich, shows us a depiction of Deadpool battling it out against Venom in the form of squirrels, presumably over that acorn wrapped up in Squenom’s tongue. Who knew squirrels could look this epic? The artist stated that he was inspired by a friend’s idea and that he thought it’d be funny. Nothing is funny about an alien-infected monster-squirrel.

That’s the unsettling thing about this image. The details really bring out the viciousness in Squenom’s cold gaze and jaw filled with needle-like teeth. You don’t want to see that running around your neighborhood park. But then, given what we know about Deadpool, you probably don’t want a Squirrelpool running around either.

Were you as unsettled with these as we were? Have you seen other disturbing pieces of Deadpool-inspired fan art? Let us know in the comments!

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