Weinberg/Gresh's 'Science of Superheroes' goes to TV

Press Release

My Entertainment, a television production company headed by Michael Yudin and Bo Kaprall, announced today that it had acquired worldwide television rights for the upcoming book, THE SCIENCE OF SUPERHEROES by Robert Weinberg and Lois H. Gresh. Present plans call for the book (which will be published in hardcover by John Wiley & Sons on August 27th, 2002) to be transformed into a series of one-hour TV specials, though Yudin didn't rule out the possibility of a weekly series.

THE SCIENCE OF SUPERHEROES takes a light-hearted but clear-headed look at the scientific principles behind some of the greatest comic book characters of all time. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, the X-Men and the Flash are among the many heroes examined in the text. Julius Schwartz, editor emeritus of DC comics, says that "THE SCIENCE OF SUPERHEROES serves as a terrific guide to the comic book wonders bound to come."

Lois H. Gresh is the Creative-Technical Director of Novatek Communications in upstate New York. She's the author of seven previous books. Robert Weinberg served as the chairman of the Chicago Comic Book Convention for twenty years. During the past several years, he's written comics for Marvel, Wildstorm and Moonstone Publications. He's the author of twenty-seven books.

Michael Yudin has produced or co-produced numerous TV shows and series including "The Lost World, Big Wolf on Campus," and the classic sci-fi adventure "The Tomorrow People." His partner in My Entertainment, Bo Kaprall, appeared on numerous 1970's sitcoms before turning his talents to producing.

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