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Week of Cool Wolverine Comic Book Moments – Who Is Wolverine?

by  in Comic News Comment
Week of Cool Wolverine Comic Book Moments – Who Is Wolverine?

All week long we will feature brand-new Cool Wolverine Comic Book Moments in celebration of his recent film. Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I’ve featured so far over the years.

We continue with a fascinating look into what Wolverine ticks with a simple but difficult question…who IS Wolverine? Asking the question are Jason Aaron and Goran Sudzuka in the pages of 2011’s Wolverine #16…

We pick up at one of the lowest points in Wolverine’s life. The Wolverine Revenge Squad (also known as the Red Right Hand) have tried to get their revenge on Wolverine through a truly twisted plan that involved recruiting various illegitimate children that Wolverine has had over the years and sending them against him, knowing that either they succeed and kill him or they fail and he kills THEM, which, as it turns out, is even more painful for Wolverine (after all, he is very difficult to kill).

In Wolverine #15 (the previous issue, natch), Wolverine has a break down and essentially tries to give up on humanity, choosing instead to travel with a pack of wolves in the wilderness. But not even as the ALPHA wolf…

Throughout the issue, Wolverine’s reporter girlfriend is trying to track him down. While she is looking for him, she talks about him with his fellow superheroes, and their answers are fascinating insights into Wolverine (and really impressive work by Sudzuka in making literally talking heads still seem engaging)…

This being a superhero comic, though, Wolverine finds himself caught up in the plot of a bunch of psychos who were capturing wild wolves and then having them fight against some humans that they had captured. Sick stuff.

Wolverine saves them all and it makes him wonder some more about his place in life…

Great moment. The reveal of all of the people who care about him? And his retort of basically, “Okay, enough of this nonsense, let’s get back to work.” Just perfect.

Finally, Aaron has Wolverine try to answer the question (and I think he does so nicely)…

Well put, Wolverine (and Jason Aaron)!

Feel free to e-mail me at to suggest other cool Wolverine moments to me for the rest of the week! Make sure to check the archive, though, as a number of cool moments have already been featured starring Wolverine (including the aforementioned bit from X-Men #132).

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