Week of Cool Comic Book Moments - Learn the Answer to the Mystery of Mr. Gorsky

Every day this week will see me feature a brand-new Cool Comic Book Moment. For this week only, I'll be specifically featuring cool moments that happened in the last couple of years (basically since I last did the Year of Cool Comic Moments). Here is an archive of all the past cool comic moments that I've featured so far.

Today we take a look at what was perhaps the best issue of Michael Kupperman's fantastic Tales Designed to Thrizzle yet. Specifically the epic tale of how man landed on the moon. Even MORE specifically, the tale of Mr. Gorsky...

QUICK: In case you don't know, there's an urban legend that Neil Armstrong had a neighbor named Mr. Gorsky whose wife would not perform oral sex on him. He would complain about it a lot. One day, Armstrong heard them arguing about it. She said something along the lines of, "You'll get oral sex when the kid next door lands on the moon!" or some similar such nonsense. So when he lands on the moon, Armstrong says, "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky." It's obviously a joke but some people took it as real because, well, some people have a hard time telling the difference between fact and an obvious joke.

Okay, on to the issue!

The highlight of the latest issue of Michael Kupperman's always hilarious Tale Designed to Thrizzle is an epic tale of how man landed on the moon. The whole thing is told as if it is a TV movie, complete with advertisements along the bottom from a Roman Pizza Garden Style Salad Dressing.

The story goes on for a long time and goes through many hilarious twists and turns. We join the story as the rocket is just about to take off (Woodward and Bernstein try to disguise their way on to the ship so that they can spy on Nixon from the moon - their costumes are ill-thought out)...


While the Gorsky reveal is the "moment" of the day, I just had to show you the next page to see how the Roman Pizza salad dressing ads went to a WHOLE other level...

The devolution of the ads as the story continues might be my favorite part of the issue.

The second collection of Kupperman's individual Thrizzle issues JUST came out and it includes this story! So go buy it, dammit!

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