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Wednesday Comics: Unranked. Let’s Just Hang Out And Talk, Man.

by  in Comic News Comment
Wednesday Comics: Unranked. Let’s Just Hang Out And Talk, Man.

So, yeah, here’s some more about Wednesday Comics.

Pretty much everything looks to be ending obviously. That doesn’t bother me too much; I’m not Nevett, I just steal his gimmick. Still, it’s a bit disappointing, even in the strips I love like Kamandi and Deadman, where the obvious twists or flat out cliches rear their ugly heads. The ones I’m indifferent to, like Batman, just bemuse me. When it’s the universally loathed Titans junk, it’s just more to loathe. (OMG it was their one recurring villain all along!)

Superman’s twist/justification for mopey Clark has made it pretty okay. Still not great, but not as bad as I made it out to be. And better than Flash!

Yeah, I remain not crazy about the Flash. I’m sorry, internet. Maybe it’s the time travel, maybe it’s Barry Allen. I’m not saying it’s bad, it will just never be my favorite strip in the package. There are parts that feel like I should love them; it’s certainly formally ambitious, but so is Wonder Woman, and that’s unreadable.

Wait! Wonder Woman was readable this week! There’s another strip I liked better than Flash! I really do plan on reading the strip as a whole when it’s done.

Yeah, I would read a Kyle Baker Hawkman ongoing, and I loathe Hawkman usually. It helps that Baker has been using guest stars.

I’d also read a Supergirl ongoing by Palmiotti and Conner. I don’t loathe Supergirl, but I’ve never bought one of her solo comics before.

I’d buy Paul Pope Adam Strange without WC, but I really hope the Wednesday Comics serial winds up leading in to him continuing this story in an ongoing (or at least the next WC. It Kamandi are the only strips I want to see continue with the same creative team if/when they do a sequel).

Gaiman and Allred’s Metamorpho has alternated between being inspired and disappointing, but one constant has been how awesome Java is.

I may prefer Didio’s Metal Men to Giffen and DeMatties’s. Of course, Didio doesn’t expect me to buy a crappy Doom Patrol comic to read 10 pages of his Metal Men. Wonder how he managed to get his dream project surrounded by this much talent? Dude must be connected.

This week’s installment of Green Lantern is exactly the kind of thing I want to see Hal Jordan do. Well, the only thing I want to see Hal Jordan do, really.

Deadman and Catwoman remains not as good as I’d hope given the characters and creative team, but it’s okay. If nothing else, I loved that last line about the Demon’s rhyming from Selina.

I’m not really that excited about this project anymore, but I still think it’s been worth the money to follow weekly, and just appreciate that DC did something so outside the box for instead for one of these projects instead of another DCU wankfest like 52 or Trinity (I don’t have an insult crude enough for Countdown). I’ve heard some people say they were ripping of Kramers Ergot, but really, those people need to die in a fire (or at least lend me their copy of that absurdly expensive giant Kramers Ergot).

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