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Wednesday Comics: Hey, Wait, We Have One More Page Left!

by  in Comic News Comment
Wednesday Comics: Hey, Wait, We Have One More Page Left!

Or, why 15 epilogues isn’t so great a reading experience.

So, yeah, that sure was the end of Wednesday Comics. Every strip had a conclusion. Well, I assume that Titans did. I barely even skimmed that thing. And what I could decipher from Wonder Woman was that she was dreaming after all. I think. That sure was a lot of panels again.

But the readable strips, those all finished this week. Even though really, most of them finished last week. Notable exceptions were Supergirl, Kamandi, and Hawkman, which all added something noteworthy to the narrative (and at least one featured a T Rex fighting a seahorse). But really, did we need Batman kissing/suffocating a dying woman to save his secret identity? Superman calling Lois collect? That last page of Strange Adventures, beautiful as it was?

And don’t get me started on the Flash! Seriously, don’t. It was perfectly okay, no better. I will not back down from that assessment. I don’t know why everyone is so crazy about it. We will never be able to reconcile this.

The Metal Men story pretty well ended like all Metal Men stories do. But hey, good on Dan Didio for writing that story and overcoming the rep he’s earned for his editorial decisions. So, having negated most of the discussion below, will it disappear?

The Demon/Catwoman ending made me want to see a Simonson written team up comic starring them, even if the serial itself was underwhelming.

I may literally be the only one, but I could stand to read more New Frontier GL by Busiek.

So, now that I’m done talking about the actual comics that DC published, it’s time to move on to something of much greater worth; the theoretical comics I demand DC publish to pander to me! Brad Curran’s Dream Wednesday Comics II would include the return of the Kamandi and Strange Adventures, plus:

OMAC by Mike Mignola
Mister Miracle by Jim Steranko
Zatanna by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
Plastic Man by Evan Dorkin and Dean Haspiel
Wildcat by Frank Miller
Superman/Batman by Mark Waid and Frank Quitely
The Spirit by Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone, and Dave Stewart
Ambush Bug Funnies by Keith Giffen and and Robert Fleming
Mary Marvel by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner*
Enemy Ace by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon
Jimmy Olsen by Chris Sims and Rusty Shackles
Black Canary by Gail Simone and Terry Dodson
Dr. Fate by Dan Curtis Johnson and JH Williams III
Swamp Thing by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson
Human Target by Grant Morrison and Cliff Chiang
Static by Dwayne McDuffie and Chris Sprouse
Death by Neil Gaiman and Amy Reeder Hadley
Warlord by Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord

So yeah, some Vertigo characters, although I’d expect it to be as general audience friendly as volume 1. Also, if I was running Wednesday Comics II, strips would not all be 12 weeks long. Mix things up a little. Use the format to tell some done in ones or do gag strips, as well as six part long stories. Or, if I wanted that coveted MarkAndrew dollar, I’d smush all of these together and make them team ups. So that’s why all the strips that wouldn’t fit in the original.

And now I will shut right the hell up about Wednesday Comics.

*Yeah, this would just be their Supergirl with guest appearances by Captain Marvel and Tawky Tawny.**
**Or I guess maybe Jeff Smith could do the strip with his Mary, if Conner and Palmiotti are busy.***
***Now I’ll shut up with the Wednesday Comics talk.

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