Webslinger to Become Web Singer

"The Hollywood Reporter" reports that Marvel Studios is assembling personnel for "Spider-Man: The Broadway Musical" with Tony-winner Julie Taymor and U2 members Bono and The Edge writing new music and lyrics for the show.

The story is said to feature the Green Goblin as the villain with another character being created by Taymor by the name of Arachne.

There is currently no projected opening date and auditions are currently underway.

This is not U2's first foray into either legitimate theatre or superheroes, as the group performed the song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" on the "Batman Forever" soundtrack and in an animated video and The Edge has previously written music for a stage production of "A Clockwork Orange."

Taymor has previously directed the films "Titus" and "Frida," as well as the Broadway production of "The Lion King"

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