Webcomics: Still getting no respect

Back in 2007 there was the great Wikipedia webcomics purge. Now there's this: Dave McElfatrick, one of the four creators of Cyanide & Happiness, has been denied an O-1 visa into the U.S. McElfatrick, who lives in Ireland, wants to cross the pond and work with his collaborators in person, so a regular tourist visa won't do. The O-1 visa is reserved for "aliens of extraordinary ability" in their fields, but apparently 374,325 hits a day isn't extraordinary enough. (Who makes these decisions, anyway? The LOLCats?) Naturally, Dave isn't taking this sitting down; he has started an internet petition to demonstrate to the folks at Immigration that he has a worldwide following. With upstanding folks like Harry Pothead, Juan Valdez, and Zakorath, The Soulless One advocating for Dave, it's hard to imagine that the folks at the State Department won't see the light... right?

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