Webcomic to watch: Jim Mahfood's Los Angeles Ink Stains

The first time I saw Jim Mahfood's art was in 1999, in the pages of his creator-owned book Grrl Scouts. The book was filled with cute chicks, hip hop, comics and weed, pretty much everything that made me want to move to Los Angeles a year previous. (Sorry, Mom!) Every page was crammed full with Mahfood's manic, graffiti-inspired line work and laid-back, don't-give-a-fuuuuuuuuck sense of humor. I was in heaven!

Ten years later, I'm still in LA and Mahfood is still kicking it. His semi-irregular online series Los Angeles Ink Stains is one of the best comics on the web. Each auto-bio installment documents random highlights from his life in Southern California. The subjects range from late night taco runs to creating art to mourning his long-lost best friend.

Mahfood chronicles it all with that same expressive, always-experimenting artwork, and sincere storytelling that doesn't go for easy glamorization. Rain or shine, moment of glory or walk of shame, Mahfood shares it all.

It's a fantastic way to experience Los Angeles beyond what you see in US Magazine -- the house parties, the creativity, the beach, the good friends, and the lost loves. And the amazing tacos. It makes me nostalgic for a place I've never left.

You can check out past installments of Los Angeles Ink Stains here, and catch new installment on Mahfood's blog, updated regularly.

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