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Webb Talks The “Electrifying” Jamie Foxx as Electro in “Amazing Spider-Man 2”

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Webb Talks The “Electrifying” Jamie Foxx as Electro in “Amazing Spider-Man 2”

The news that Jamie Foxx is in talks to play Electro in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” came as a surprise to fans yesterday and sparked a heated discussion over whether he is right for the part. But it sounds like whether people want him or not, Foxx is likely to play the “Spider-Man” film series’ latest villain.

During a press conference in support of the November 9 Blu-ray release of “The Amazing Spider-Man” with director Marc Webb, senior visual effects supervisor Jerome Chen, 3D visual effects supervisor Rob Engle and additional animation supervisor David Schaub, Webb was the first one to touch on the casting news after a reporter asked which character in the “Spider-Man” universe he finds most intriguing. “Electro,” he said with a smile, blatantly acknowledging the Foxx information.

When another member of the press flat-out asked if Foxx will play Electro, Webb didn’t deny it.

“We’ll see. I think Jamie Foxx is electrifying,” Webb answered. “I think Jamie Foxx is one of the most brilliant actors that we have around today. He’s such a great character actor. He’s a really brilliant guy and I would love to work with him, so you’ll be hearing more on that shortly, I’m sure.”

“The Amazing Spider-Man’s” Lizard was a CGI-heavy character, while Electro is a bad guy who may be able to translate to the big screen more practically. When we asked if that difference factored into his choice of villains, Webb said technical challenges weren’t something that he thought about.

“It’s not really a part of the question. What makes villains interesting for me is what they bring out in Peter and what challenges they provide for him,” he replied. “What’s great about Marvel and other comics is that often there’s a pre-existing relationship [to explore]. It’s not just about the physical conflict he has, but the emotional ones as well.”

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is due in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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