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Weaver shares extras from SHIELD, including uncensored monster sex

by  in Comic News Comment
Weaver shares extras from <i>SHIELD</i>, including uncensored monster sex

If you’re a fan of Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver’s incredibly imaginative, layered and awesome SHIELD book for Marvel, you’ll want to check out this post from Weaver’s LiveJournal. The artist shares several “extras” from the book, including a variant cover sketch, “quiet math” equations and the uncensored version of a panel featuring Isaac Newton having sex with a Deviant, which I’ll include after a SPOILERS WARNING for issue 3 and a NSFW warning …


If you haven’t read SHIELD #3 yet, it details the secret history of Isaac Newton and his journey to the Deviant City of Ashomia. The Deviants, you may remember, are the evil counterparts to the Eternals, and Newton has sex with one of them to get what he wants.

The panel used in the comic, however, isn’t the one Weaver originally drew for it … the artist talks about censoring it at Marvel’s request:

There. Do you feel scandalized, offended, disturbed? Well you should. He’s having sex with a monster. It should be disturbing, gross, a little sexy, and then that much more disturbing. I wanted it to be perfectly clear what was going on. I think Marvel wanted it to be vague. Regardless of a choice to be more or less explicit for story telling reasons, I find this censorship depressing. Sex is a part of life and I think we need to just grow up about it. On top of that sex is all over comics. Many super hero comics are down right pornographic. The shot that I’ve drawn is tame in comparison to the tits, asses, and crouches that are being thrust directly in your face on a regular bases in comics. If they had a problem with the fact that it’s not sexy sex with sexy people, that it’s Isaac Newton fucking a monster well then they shouldn’t have asked me to draw it.

I actually did the censoring myself, at their request. I thought it would be better to do it myself than leave it up to someone ells. I’m not trying to rock the boat or make some kind of stand against censorship. I can make compromises and be a team player. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s silly. Even after I added the blanket and got rid of the monster’s leg they still asked Christina, the colorist, to bring the blanket up a little bit more. Arbitrary censorship for censorship’s sake or did that tiny bit of boob make a difference.

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