Weapon Hex: How Marvel Mashed Up X-23 and Scarlet Witch

While the Guardians of the Galaxy's Gamora doesn't usually have too much in common with her adoptive father Thanos, she cut the number of lives in the Marvel Universe in half in a much less cruel but much weirder way in the Infinity Wars crossover.

When an evil Gamora called Requiem got her hands on the Infinity Stones , she folded the universe onto itself, creating an alternate dimension called the Warp World. Here, amalgamations of heroes existed, such as Doctor Strange and Captain America or Iron Man and Thor, and one of those amalgams was  Weapon Hex -- a mash-up of X-23 and Scarlet Witch.

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While her solo adventures written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker and drawn by Gerardo Sandoval, CBR is taking a look back at how her two-issue miniseries blended together the histories of both characters on Mount Wundagore for an all-new adventure and one of Marvel's darkest alternate-reality stories ever.


In this subverted tale, Laura was the 23rd experiment by the sorcerer Herbert Wyndham (the High Evolutionary) and his scientist wife Sarah Kinney (Laura's birth-mom in the mainstream Marvel Universe). They created her from their own DNA, blending science and magic to produce the ideal vessel for the dark god, Mephichthcon, to possesses when she turned 18.

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This would grant her eldritch powers beyond belief, but it would also allow Herbert, Sarah and their cult, known as the Evolutionaries, full-control over the girl. She had adamantium claws just like her 616-counterpart, but she also was able to cast spells just like Wanda Maximoff, who was also tied to Herbert in the 616-universe. Laura was trained by a mash-up of Magik and Sabretooth known as Hellhound to become a killer, because the more blood she shed, the more she became worthy of the demonic possession -- something which would drive a wedge between her parents in due time.


She had the same abilities as X-23, which were topped off by the "Scarlet Storm" which was basically her version of Wolverine's Berserker Mode. Once triggered by her dad, she'd go into a rage which made her an unstoppable murder machine. Using her own spells like "Hexual Healing," Laura could also heal from dismemberment and even reconstitute herself from ashes, which more or less compounds how much she was a hybrid of X-23 and Wanda.

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She also had other hexes such as "Hexagone" which allowed her to create shields in battle, and the "Hexray," which were energy blasts just like the ones Wanda could make . This made Laura an even more dangerous assassin in this world, as seen when she took out fellow cults such as the Sisters of Salem run by Hellfire, a mix of the Punisher and Daimon Hellstrom. We also saw her hesitate to continue executing enemies here, which ticked Hellhound off even more. The latter was jealous of Laura's powers and the fact she was the chosen one for Mephichthcon. Hellhound also hated her because she had her mother's "flawed" human genes, which drove Hellhound mad as she believed in pure mutants only.


Seeing her daughter turned into a crimson-soaked asset and not treated with dignity, Sarah grew resentful of the destiny Herbert made for her. Sadly, when Sarah tried to escape with her daughter on the possession day called M-Day, the madman activated her kill-mode, causing Laura to unknowingly kill her mom. However, she found out that she had a clone sister thanks to Sarah's dying breath. She hid away Gavrill -- aka Speed Weasel (an amalgamation of Honey Badger and Quicksilver), who had one adamantium claw and super-speed.

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Laura's sole purpose was now to free the girl, which led to a brutal showdown against Hellhound and Herbert, who were both angry at being left in the dark. However, after incinerating Hellhound, Weapon Hex was able to conjure up all the spirits of the people she killed on the cult's orders. They then feasted on Herbert's army, attaining revenge in full for what he did to them. Laura, badly wounded and barely alive, decided to honor Sarah's wishes by taking Weasel away now that the entire cult had been slain. They were truly free and could now chart a road away from the dark magic and sinister science which gave birth to them in the first place.

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