Weapon H: 15 Insane Facts About Marvel's Hulk-Wolverine Hybrid

When it comes to superheroes, fans will always try to decide who is the strongest of the bunch. One of the bigger topics surrounding Marvel Comics is which of these heroes would win in a fight: the Incredible Hulk or the Wolverine. They both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but Marvel decided to make things a little more interesting recently. Instead of keeping these two characters at odds, Marvel has combined them to create the monstrous Weapon H.

Created through a combination of tests that resulted in both Bruce Banner's and Logan's individual transformations, this creation is truly something to be feared. Having a gray color scheme with the Adamantium claws, it looks like Marvel has outdone themselves in the strength department. The character is still fairly new, and there's a lot we have yet to discover about Weapon H, but Marvel has already given a lot of information as to who this new gamma-radiated monster is and why he's important. Going forward, we hope that we get to see more of this perfect blend of two popular heroes. For now, we'll stick to showing you these 15 insane facts about Marvel's new Wolverine-Hulk hybrid, otherwise known as Weapon H.

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Usually when dealing with mutants that are given Adamantium skeletons, you bet that Colonel Stryker will be involved in some way. To an extent, that's true for the creation of Weapon H. However, he wasn't the one overseeing the project and wasn't directly responsible. That job goes directly to Dr. Alba, who is a bit more sinister.

She created Weapon H with the intention of having the ultimate weapon in the world that was capable of destroying anyone who got in her way. Stryker did get involved and worked with Dr. Alba after Weapon H was created, but it was largely Alba who was responsible for the monster's existence as well as getting the right test subject. The story only gets worse from there.


Howling Commandos group shot

Weapon H wasn't just a random test subject for the Wolverine-Hulk program. He was once an ex-military agent known only as Clayton. He worked with a team named Eaglestar as they performed some highly secretive operations all across the world. He and his comrades were assigned to take out an entire village's worth of people, but Clayton couldn't do it. He ended up killing all of the men he was working with, and got captured in the process by Dr. Alba.

Having a background in military makes a potential weapon all the deadlier. His strategic mindset on top of his willingness to take lives made him the prime choice for such a prestigious experiment. That said, Clayton was a bit more resilient than any other experiment that came before him.


The reason why Logan always seems so angry and tortured all the time is because he was taken in by Stryker and turned into a mindless mutant known as Weapon X. His entire purpose was to do what Stryker told him and rip apart just about any foe that he faced. It was a traumatic experience for the Wolverine, and it's a pinnacle point for his character.

Weapon H was created under different circumstances. Dr. Alba created him with the idea of making him more than just a brainless weapon, so that he would have more autonomy than Wolverine once did. The thinking behind this is that Weapon H would feel that his decisions to kill people were entirely his own, therefore he would think he had freedom the entire time.


As it turns out, Clayton was not the only Weapon H created by Dr. Alba. As division of the Weapon X program, it was decided that there would be multiple candidates on board to undergo the transformation into Wolverine-Hulk mashups. That said, the other Weapon Hs were all directly recruited and associated with Stryker, so they had more motivation to follow his cause. Clayton was the only one who didn't.

As a result, Clayton was a bit different when he finally turned into the beast. Believe it or not, Weapon H actually got into a fight between one of his fellow hybrids as well as the Hulk at the same time. The fight ended with Weapon H beheading his altered brother. He never had the chance to get behind Stryker's vision and had no respect for his rules because of it.


On top of his raw power and metal claws, Weapon H has the added advantage of being a weapons expert. A former military operative, Clayton has all the training you'd expect with a firearm. Adding that to how powerful he is as a combination of two of Marvel's greatest superheroes, and he's nearly unstoppable at every turn.

Clayton has proven several times that he is so skilled with a gun that he can take on multiple foes at once -- and that's without having his Hulk powers. Due to this skill, Clayton is a jack of all trades when it comes to fighting. Even when he is in his human form, he still has the potential to deal out some serious damage in any fight that may come his way.



The complexity of Bruce Banner's character is that he doesn't have control over his transformation to the Hulk. When things get serious and he can't control his temper, then he quickly changes into a nearly unstoppable rage monster. A similar thing can be said for Wolverine. This is another area where Clayton has surpassed those that inspired his creation.

Clayton has some control over his transformation into Weapon H. This means that he can switch back between human and monster forms essentially whenever he feels like it. This gives him an added advantage, as he can continuously make his own decisions and plan strategically when he finds himself on the wrong side of a battle. Seeing that's more than capable as both a human and a monster, it makes him a more effective weapon.


Having the highlights of both Banner and Logan, it makes sense that Weapon H would be given a full Adamantium skeleton. However, his powers originated from the Wolverine, so he didn't technically start out with them. Instead, he had the gruesome bone claws that were then upgraded with Adamantium later on in his harrowing existence.

Where we start to scratch our heads is when we realize that Weapon H, taking from the Hulk, already has a nearly indestructible body. He wouldn't theoretically need Adamantium bones. Both Hulk and Wolverine have impressive healing factors as well, so does that mean that Weapon H has the combined healing of both of them? Or does he heal at about the same speed? It's the minor details that we live for.


From first glance, it's clear to see where Weapon H got his inspiration. He is an amalgamation of the Wolverine and the Hulk. Case closed. However, there are other quirks about him that don't come from any of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. As a matter of fact, the brilliance of the Weapon H program was that there was a lot more DNA thrown in to not only create these Wolverine-Hulk hybrids, but to perfect them at every turn.

It hasn't been disclosed what other DNA was thrust into the serum that turned Clayton into Weapon H, but we'd wager that it has something to do with those growths on back, arms, and legs. Apart from that, we imagine that the other DNA leads to intangible benefits, like added stamina and speed.



The "Weapons of Mutant Destruction" storyline was one of the bigger moments for Marvel in recent years. It was, arguably, their biggest Hulk story in several years and they needed a big writer to helm the project. One of the people heavily involved in the project was the brain behind the beloved "Planet Hulk" comic: Greg Pak.

Not only did Pak simply help write the story, but also had a hand in designing the character itself. Marvel wanted to ensure that this story would be well-executed and that Weapon H would be visually interesting enough to leave a lasting impression to those who saw the comic on store shelves. Whether you like Marvel Comics or not, you have to admit that it was a smart decision to bring Greg back.


Clayton was a man who had a bit of a complicated history. He was involved in some shady events and has been on the wrong side of the fight more times than he would care to count. However, it wouldn't define him for the rest of his days, as he would eventually get sick of seeing all of the carnage.

He was out with a team on a trip overseas when they were assigned to take out a group of innocent people. While his buddies were shooting away, Clayton couldn't handle it. Because of this, he turned on his fellow soldiers and killed them all before more innocent people died. In the end of this event, Clayton was discharged. When it came to war crimes, he couldn't take watching them anymore and had to be promptly removed from the military.


Todd Mcfarlane Gray Hulk

If you'll notice, Weapon H's skin is a sharp shade of gray. This doesn't just come from the decision to make him different from both the Incredible and Totally Awesome Hulks, but it's also an easter egg for the history of the Hulk character, When the monster was first introduced in Marvel Comics, he didn't have the green color that has become a staple of his design. Instead, he was just a gray color.

Having Weapon H be the same color, in a way, is a reviving of the past. Back then, the Hulk wasn't also as friendly as he is now, and was a bit more unpredictable. The same can be said for the menacing design of Weapon H. While the gray doesn't mean anything canonically, it does have a relevant background in terms of the Hulk's history.


When word got out that the new Weapon H program was gaining traction and there was a Wolverine-Hulk hybrid on the loose, some of the best trackers in the world banded together to find it. The two who originally went out to go and find this monster were Old Man Logan and Victor Creed, otherwise known as Sabretooth. They had formed an uneasy alliance for this event and were later joined by Laura Kinney, the All-New All-Different Wolverine.

The three of them formed the tracking dream team and eventually came face to face with Weapon H. They even had to fight the beast, who put up a much stronger fight than any of them were asking for. After Weapon H left to do his own thing, Old Man Logan followed him to ensure that he wasn't causing any serious problems.


Dr. Alba transformed Clayton but gave him a little more control over his own decisions. The one problem she didn't foresee with this approach is that he would become defiant to her orders. Because of this, she met found him after he escaped and whispered something in his ear that no one caught at first.

After a while, it was revealed that she actually didn't whisper anything at all. Instead, she implanted a special injection in his ear by the use of her tongue. The result was that Weapon H couldn't disobey her orders to an extent. People were immediately in danger but, even then, Clayton managed to gain some control over his actions. Unfortunately, he still gained the attention of the two Wolverines and Sabretooth.


While Weapon H is clearly inspired by Logan and Bruce Banner, the latter hasn't been involved with "Weapons of Mutant Destruction." As a matter of fact, the first appearance of this hybrid was in Totally Awesome Hulk #21. In it, Amadeus Cho gets involved in a sinister plot where Adamantium cyborgs start killing people at random. He discovers that this plot and the new Weapon H division are connected, so he starts snooping.

Later on, Cho would eventually come face to face with Weapon H and a few other hybrids. He would engage in a battle and then Weapon H would disappear. After that, it would be up to the "Wolverine" family to figure out what was going on with the new hybrid and how they were going to defeat it.


The one thing that we've wanted to see Wolverine do for years is to kill William Stryker. Being one of the most unabashedly evil people in the entire Marvel Universe, he deserves a death that is painful and agonizing. When Weapon H finally managed to do his own thing, we finally got to see it happen.

Weapon H took on several Adamantium cyborgs before being face to face with Stryker himself, a situation that was concocted by Dr. Alba. Weapon H, filled with uncontrollable rage, immediately started attacking Stryker with everything he had. The result was a massive crater in the ground. When Logan and Wolverine came to the scene, they found that Stryker was nothing more than a mangled body, but also a cyborg himself.

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