In the comics, Heimdall’s superhuman senses occasionally got the best of him.

The Heimdall in the MCU is, in truth, very close to his comic book counterpart. As we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, he is a formidable warrior, even by Asgardian standards. As far as powers, Heimdall essentially has the same abilities in the MCU as he does in the

comics. He can see and hear across the Nine Realms, although someone could evade detection if they used a certain type of magic. What really sets MCU Heimdall apart from his comic book character is that he doesn’t have one Heimdall's greatest weaknesses from the comics.

In Tales to Astonish #101 by Stan Lee, Loki transported the Hulk to Asgard with the intent of distracting Odin. When Heimdall attempted to stop the intruder, Hulk used the bridge guardian’s power against him. “So -- you can hear a leaf when it trembles!” the green giant yelled. “If your ears are that sensitive -- let’s see what this does to them!” Hulk then slammed his fists down on the Rainbow Bridge. The sound was so great that it overwhelmed Heimdall’s acute sense of hearing and caused him tremendous pain. So far, nothing in the MCU indicates that Heimdall has this comic book weakness.

Comic Book Odin is Stronger than MCU Odin

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